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Kids Name Labels to Claim Your Kid's Stuff

Kids Name Labels to Claim Your Kid's Stuff

At one time or another, we’ve all been that parent that’s trying to find something our child left at school or daycare. Sorting through look-alike lunch boxes, thermoses, or backpacks can leave you and your kid exasperated. To keep your child’s things from the lost and found bin or going home with another child, label their stuff with personalized name labels. This makes their stuff easy to identify so you can find it quickly.

Name Labels that Last

It all starts with choosing the right name stickers. There are lots of name labels to shop online for, but you want ones that are heavy-duty, waterproof, and keep on sticking, no matter what your kid throws at them. In this case, paper labels don’t make the cut and sure, you could go online and order labels you print at home, but you know those won’t last. Our name labels are a step up, made from thick vinyl material with a gloss finish and permanent adhesive. They’re just the thing to survive bus rides, field trips, and everyday kid activities.

Standard Rectangle Name Labels

Every parent needs their kids' things easily identified so they aren’t spending money replacing them. Rectangle stickers are a versatile shape and size to make labeling everything from 3-ring binders to electronics like iPads and handheld gaming consoles a snap.

Our rectangle name labels are 3 inches wide by 1 inch high. This label size fits easily on lunchboxes, thermoses, backpacks, tablets, safety helmets, baby bottles, water bottles and more.

Shaped Name Labels

Most kids have a favorite thing they obsess over like an animal, sport, or food. Now you can make your child a name label in the shape of a soccer ball, pizza slice, narwhal, or unicorn. What does your child love best? Browse through our ever growing list of shaped name labels and you’re sure to find what they love.

Shaped labels run anywhere from 2 to 3 inches overall in size, depending on the image. They’re a fun and fanciful alternative to rectangle name stickers. They make it easy to spot your child’s things due to their distinctive shape and color. No one else will have the same name labels as your child’s!

Personalize Your Kid’s Name Labels Online

By ordering your child personalized name labels you choose a fun or favorite design for your child as well as add the details including their name, phone number, or address to return the items.

Beyond choosing the label art, you have the whole enchilada of choosing font styles and colors that appeal to your child. Now their sticker is truly customizable in a special font beyond ho-hum Arial or Times New Roman. Make their name stand out with exclusive fonts in handwriting, display, serif or san serif styles. With the ‘Customize More’ feature you have the ability to add extra lines of text or move the text around to make a truly custom name label.

Low Order Quantities for Name Labels

Who needs a pack of 100 name stickers? Order as few as 20 name labels and get them fast. Turn around is approximately 3 days for production plus shipping time.Need them even quicker? There are shipping options like Next Day and Two Day service. Start now to create your own.