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How to Laminate Stickers & Why We No Longer Need To

Stickers are a fantastic promotional tool for any kind of business. They also provide a fun and easy way to embellish the things you own or sell. But how can you ensure that they are long-lasting and waterproof? In this article, we'll show you how to laminate stickers in various ways. In addition, we will offer guidance on how to select the appropriate material for stickers. With that said, we no longer laminate our stickers. We used to way back  in the day (the day was back in the early 2000s). Now we offer matte coated stickers that are 100% waterproof and durable or we also offer an almost indestructible vinyl sticker material that is finished with UV gloss. In short, materials have changed and advanced and we have no need to laminate our stickers anymore but a little bit of knowledge goes a long way so read on to become a sticker lamination expert.

Different Methods to Laminate Stickers:

Here are the three most popular methods for laminating stickers. These methods work for laminating papers and other materials as well. 

Heat/Thermal lamination:
This is most likely the most common and simplest method of laminating stickers. You can use a heat or thermal laminator, purchased at any office supply store or your home clothes iron. Simply sandwich your stickers between two pieces of laminating film and run them through the heated machine or hot iron until fully laminated.

Pressure lamination:
Utilising a pressure laminator is a different well-liked technique for laminating stickers. Your stickers will be waterproof and durable after being sealed in place by this kind of machine using pressure and heat.

Waterproofing spray/ UV varnish:
If you don't want to invest in any special equipment or materials, you can seal your stickers with various waterproofing sprays like this one. Simply apply a thin layer of the spray to your stickers and allow them to dry completely before using or displaying them.

sticker laminating machinesticker laminating machine

How to Laminate Stickers: Step-by-Step Guide



The process is the same whether you use a heat or pressure laminator or any other method to laminate your stickers. Here's a step-by-step guide for laminating your stickers:



  • Choose the best sticker material for your requirements. You can make your stickers out of a variety of materials, including vinyl, paper, ect.
  • Place one piece of laminating film over your stickers, ensuring they are appropriately aligned. When using a heat or pressure laminator, cover the stickers with a protective layer of paper before inserting them into the machine.
  • Run your stickers through the laminator or iron until they are entirely sealed and laminated. If you're using water-based sealant sprays, give them some time to dry completely before using them!

Laminating stickers is a great way to protect and preserve their quality for many years. The lamination material should hold up in harsh conditions like outdoors or in a dishwasher.

Tips  for Choosing the Right Sticker Material For Laminating:

Here are some simple tips to consider when selecting the best sticker material for your needs:

  • Consider how you intend to use your stickers and select a material that will last long enough.
  • Look for high-quality materials that are specifically designed for laminating. This will ensure that your stickers last and look great over time.
  • Conduct research on various sticker suppliers and materials, and speak with other businesses that use stickers in their marketing efforts. This can assist you in locating the best products at the best prices.
  • If you intend to use stickers for business purposes regularly, consider purchasing your laminating machine or spray. As a result, you can easily create high-quality custom stickers. With these pointers, you'll be laminating stickers like a pro in no time!

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Now that you’re an expert on lamination forget all that information and just order our high quality synthetic or vinyl stickers that don’t require lamination. We do recommend however if you’re going to use your stickers in an outdoor setting or expose them to extremely harsh conditions choose our vinyl sticker material. 

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