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Christmas, Halloween, Hanukkah, 4th of July, Thanksgiving designs and more! We have a holiday wine label design for whatever you celebrate. We're so into holiday wine labels we made a video about them, scroll to the top of the page to watch it.

Create a design online in minutes and you'll have a cheap and fun party favor for the holidays. Here's the facts about our Holiday Wine Labels:


  • Holiday wine labels are 3.5" wide x4" tall.
  • Are printed on synthetic, durable 100% waterproof material.
  • Have self-adhesive backing and are easy to peel and stick to apply.
  • Available in quantities as low as 1!
  • Are printed and shipped out within 48 hours of you placing your order.

Design your holiday wine label to be funny, religious, heartfelt, silly, commemorative, rude or whatever you like. You have full control to modify any of the hundreds of pre-made holiday wine label designs above or the ability to create a design from scratch.


Holiday Tradition Wine Labels

Over the years we've had many of our customers create a photo wine labels for Christmas and other holidays and use them in lieu of a card. So much so in fact we created an informational page about how holiday wine labels are the Christmas card 2.0. Add your families photo, the date and maybe a saying and voila you have an instant commemorative holiday favor that you can give to family, friends and associates.


Holiday Gifts for Businesses and Corporations

A bottle of wine is a classic holiday gift given by businesses so why wouldn't you give that wine bottle with a personalize design? A holiday gift to your clients that doubles as advertising. We have some pre-made corporate and business designs that are bot traditional and holiday themed where you can add your logo and information to easily create a holiday gift to your clients.

Since we offer the ability to order just 1 label you can get really personalized and create one specifically for a client. Add their name, a photo or even details of how you did business together. We have many real estate agents that will create holiday labels specific to clients who have closed on houses with them around the holidays.


Designs for Holiday Wine Labels

What type of holiday design are you looking for? Thanksgiving design with a turkey on it? What about a Christmas wine label with a dog on it? We've got a couple of those. Celebrating Halloween and want a skeleton design on your wine label? We've got that too. You get the idea. We handcraft in house hundreds of designs for the holidays and other events. It's a huge task but our small team of designers is up to the challenge. We encourage you to browse our extensive catalog of wine label designs for the holidays and if you don't find something you like feel free to use a design from another category. Everything is customizable and if you want to start with a blank canvas you can do so here.


9,000 Positive Customer Reviews for Holiday Wine labels

We love our customers and we're proud of the over 9,000 positive reviews we have for our wine labels. Being a small family owned business we take great pride in providing a quality product and good customer service. With that in mind if you need help with your holiday design reach out to us via live chat Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm PST or email us at info at We're happy to help. Happy Holidays!