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Heavy Duty Stickers Made In Any Shape

Extremely thick, extremely sticky and practically indestructible stickers. Printed on high gloss vinyl with permanent adhesive our stickers are the best in the business. Seriously, our pricing, quality, minimums and turnaround time can’t be beat.

If you need movie quality stickers (Step Brothers reference) for any type of application from industrial safety stickers to bumper stickers to product or packaging stickers stop and look no further. We print stickers for you in crazy low quantities as low as 5 quickly. We use a thick 3.5mil high gloss vinyl material that you can’t tear and can hardly puncture without the help of a sharp knife, scissors or some other type of stabbing weapon. If you’d like to do further research on our sticker material it’s a 3M product called Scotchcal film.

We print with a super high tech, super cutting edge, super secret (not really, Google and you’ll find it) printer. That’s coupled up with a Zund cutter which means we can print any custom shape sticker on the fly and in those low minimums we talked about earlier. We breeze through any custom shape along with all the hits such as square, circle, rectangle or oval stickers. For custom shaped stickers we need a simple cutpath which is just a couple pixel outline of your design. If you don’t have a cutpath don’t sweat it just upload your file and we’ll help you create it and email you a proof so you can verify you’re getting the shape you want.


create durable custom shaped stickers


Heavy Duty Sticker Applications

Really what can’t you do with this stuff? Our stickers are rated to handle up to 4 years in the direct elements of sun, rain and wild temperature swings before they start to fall apart and you have to come back and give us money to print more. With that in mind you can make bumper or car stickers out of them, name labels that go in the dishwasher, label helmets, sports gear, use them for outdoor signage, label your food truck or even make business card or menu out of them.

We have a variety of sizes for stickers starting as small as 2”x2” and going all the way up to 3”x11” which is a great size for bumper stickers. Regardless of the size you need we can print from almost any file type, .jpg .png .pdf. .eps and more. The important thing is the resolution. We need a nice 300dpi to get a clean print but depending upon the file size we may be able to scale it down to get a good print. General rule of thumb is if it looks blurry it will most likely print blurry. Don’t worry though, we review all the files that come over and if it looks like garbage we’ll be honest with you and let you know. We would never print a file if it’s blurry, we want you to walk away with stickers you can be proud of and tell all your friends about us, seriously.

Check Out Some Examples of Custom Shaped Stickers

With our Zund contour cutter we can get pretty detailed with the shapes we can make, however it’s best to not get too detailed because your design tends to look to “busy” if there is too much detail in the shape. It also makes it harder to apply if there are a bunch of delicate details in your design that are independent of themselves rather than outlined making them sturdier. Hopefully that sentence makes sense. What we recommend for shapes, especially fairly intricate ones is to outline your design with a colored boarder of 15pts or more so there is less detail to cut around. We say that not to try and get you to give us extra work but it truly makes for a better finished product. For example:


outlining detail for custom sticker printing


With the white outline the crab legs will stay sturdier and be easier to apply. If you chose not to ouline your design that's fine and we can still cut around the legs just keep in mind they are going to be extreamly delicate and it's going to be harder to get the sticker to apply without any creases. Outlining a design also makes it pop a bit more because of the color contrast.


Check out this custom logo sticker from Western National Parks. This is a super sharp design, nothing crazy shape wise but a nice clean custom shape with an even cleaner, awesome design.


vinyl stickers that are indestructible


Custom shaped kids name labels. We’ve got a new take on boring old rectangle name stickers, custom animal shapes, rockets ships, unicorns, race cars, soccer balls, you name it. I bet you haven’t seen an elephant shaped name label, it really makes your kids stuff pop at school or daycare. Don’t you love your kids enough to order some unique shaped name labels like these?


playful shaped kids name stickers


If you’re still reading this thank you, we’re betting most people bailed around the second paragraph. To sum it up our heavy duty stickers are the hands down the best out there. We print them in small amounts, quickly and for a price that’s lower than the competition. How do we do it? We’re a small business that’s been around for a long time and we’ve streamlined, automated and organized ourselves to focus on your needs for short run heavy duty shaped stickers.