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Fragile stickers are a useful tool for shipping and handling fragile items. These stickers are specifically designed to alert handlers that the contents of the package are delicate and require special care during transport. If you are sending fragile items, it is crucial to use fragile stickers correctly to minimize the risk of damage. Read below for some tips on how to use fragile stickers effectively as well as how you can order standard style or customized fragile stickers for your shipments.

  1. Choose the right fragile sticker. Fragile stickers come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Choose the right sticker that best suits your needs. Make sure the sticker is visible and easy to read from all angles. If you are shipping large items, use larger stickers to ensure they are easily noticeable. Take it to the next level and design your own fragile sticker with a custom message or your logo.
  2. Apply the sticker correctly. Once you have selected the right size and shape fragile sticker, apply it correctly to your package. The sticker should be placed in a visible area, preferably on the top of the package. Make sure that the surface where the sticker is placed is clean and dry. Pro tip, placing the sticker on seams or corners will help ensure that your packaging holds together better in transit.
  3. Use multiple stickers for large or extremely fragile items. Consider using multiple fragile stickers to increase the visibility of the package. You can place a sticker on each side of the package or on each end. This will help ensure that UPS, FedEx or whoever handles the package notice the fragile stickers, even if the package is turned in different directions during transport.
  4. Use complementary packaging. While fragile stickers can alert handlers to be careful with your package, they do not offer complete protection. Therefore, it is essential to use complementary packaging, such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or foam, to cushion your items. This will help absorb any shock or impact during transit. This step is without a doubt the most important step when shipping something that is fragile.
  5. Choose the right shipping method when shipping fragile items. Consider choosing a shipping method that offers additional protection. For example, choose a shipping option that includes insurance coverage for the package. This will ensure that you are compensated for any damage that occurs during transport.
  6. Communicate with the recipient. If you are shipping fragile items, it is a good idea to communicate with the recipient to let them know about the contents of the package. This will help them understand the importance of handling the package with care.
customizable fragile sticker template

Order Standard Fragile Stickers or Make Your Own Custom Fragile Stickers

The bottom line is, using fragile stickers, (especially custom ones)  is an effective way to alert handlers that the contents of the package are delicate and require special care during transport. By choosing the right sticker, applying it correctly, using complementary packaging, choosing the right shipping method, and communicating with the recipient, you can ensure that your fragile items or products will arrive at their destination safely.

If you have questions about ordering or creating your own custom fragile stickers reach out to us. We're happy to help, really!