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DIY Food Labels

Easily create personalized food and beverage labels to match your homemade confections and concoctions. From canned fruits to home made hooch we have labels in all shapes and sizes. Once you know what you'd like to create, you can use our handy sticker and label size guide to determine what sizes you need or go directly to a product page and start creating. Please keep in mind that many of our designs come in matching sets, which means if you like a wine label design, then it's possible that design is also available in a water bottle label, custom sticker, champagne label or other sticker size

With a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from you can design labels and stickers for any type of homemade food or drink. Products such as:

  • Rectangle Food Labels
  • Oval Shaped Beer Labels
  • Square Soda Bottle Labels
  • Round Canning Labels
  • Waterproof Sports Drink Labels
  • Circle Cup Labels
  • Bottle Neck Labels With A Unique Custom Shape

Keep in mind all of our labels for food and drink products are printed on a synthetic material that is extremely durable and 100% waterproof. Our labels will hold up in the refrigerator and in some cases a couple trips through the dishwasher. With our cutting edge digital print process the labels are coated with full color vibrant electrostatic ink to bring to life any design you can imagine at photo quality resolution.

Get started now and in literally minutes you can design, BBQ sauce labels • hot sauce labels • salad dressing labels • coquito labels • jelly & jam labels • coffee labels • organic food labels • take out box labels • disposable coffee cup labels • herb & spice labels • apple sauce labels •baked goods labels • and much, much more!

Once you have ordered your food or beverage labels, we get them on press almost immediately. Before your order ships, it takes about two business days to print and package (often times sooner!), and then it's on its way to you.