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Custom Bottled Water Case Prices=

Custom Bottled Water Pricing

The case price is the same for all sizes. Each case contains 24 bottles.


10 to 14 cases = $23.52 per case

15 to 22 cases = $18.24 per case

23 to 49 cases = $14.88 per case

50 to 83 cases = $13.68 per case

84 to 167 cases = $12.96 per case

168 to 239 cases = $11.76 per case

240 to 335 cases = $10.50 per case



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custom labeled bottled water



Custom Bottled Water FAQs


1. Do the labels come already applied to the bottles?

Yes, the labels are applied to the bottles.


2. What are the labels made of?

They are a synthetic material (plastic) that is 100% waterproof with a high gloss finish.


3. How much is the shipping cost?

It depends upon how many cases you order and where they are shipping to. You can run a quote in the shopping cart, here is a detailed page on how to do so.


4. What is the minimum order?

The minimum order for all sizes are 10 cases.


5. How long does it take before I receive my order?

The short answer is plan for 3 to 4 weeks from the time you order until the day it is delivered but it's often sooner. There are a lot of variables with production and shipping time. If you want detailed production and shipping time information check out this page.



Additional Information About Private Labeled Bottled Water


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