Cup labels

Cup Labels

  • Cup Labels: waterproof, self-adhesive, ship within 48 hours and made from durable synthetic material.
  • Cup Label Templates: Come in two sizes, 3" wide by 3" high, or a 2.5" diameter circle.
  • Choose a Cup Label design below or design your own from scratch by using the make your own design below.


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Cup Labels For Parties, Weddings, Sporting Events & More!

Looking for red Solo cup labels for your next party? Need a small amount of coffee cup labels for your coffee stand? Our cup labels come in two sizes ready to fit almost any size cup you would purchase in a grocery store, wholesale supply company or local discount warehouse such as Costco or Sam’s Club. Waterproof and extremely lasting our cup labels come in two sizes, a 2.5” diameter circle or a 3”x3” square size. Both are printed on synthetic material that is absolutely 100% waterproof and colorfast. Go ahead and fill up a keg cup with an ice-cold beer and see if our keg cup label material runs or smudges, it won’t!

Hot Or Cold Cup Labels

Cup labels are durable and can withstand a wide variety of temperatures ranging from hot to cold. The permanent adhesive that covers the back of the labels will adhere to almost any material, especially paper or plastic which is what most disposable cups are made from. So if you are applying circle coffee cup labels to a standard paper coffee cup you can be sure that our labels will stay applied and not peel or fall of. It goes for a label applied to a cold keg cup of beer. Simply apply the cup labels when the cups are dry and room temperature, let them sit for a second or two while you rub them down.

Drink Identifier Labels

At a party or large social event where everyone has the same cups drink identifier labels can be a huge help. In addition to having the label be custom to whatever your event or occasion is you can write on the labels with a sharpie or pen to make your cup completely individual. What about if you are having a beer pong or flip cup tournament and want to personalize each teams cups? Easy, just order a couple dozen cup labels with your personalized team name and logo. At your next tailgate party customize a label with your teams name and logo to show your true allegiance as a fan.

The applications and possibilities are almost endless with drink cup labels so get creative and see what you can come up with in our easy to use online design tool. Drink cup labels ship out within 48 hours of the order being placed and often times sooner than that if you place your order early in the day. So if you are in need of a quick personalized party favor consider our drink cup labels.