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Christmas Card On A Bottle

alternative to sending Christmas cards

A Better Version Of The Christmas Card

Looking to do something different other than giving out the same run of the mill Christmas or Holiday cards like you’ve done in years past? Sure you are, and we have the answer right here. Give the people what they want; give them wine, or beer, or really any kind of booze, with your own personalized holiday themed label.

Make label designs for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, Festivus or any other real or make-believe holiday you’re celebrating.


design custom labels for holiday gifts


The Alternative To Sending Christmas Cards


Be unique, stand out from everyone else and give your friends and family something they actually use and enjoy while still displaying your family’s yearly holiday photos. Creating a holiday wine or beer label is simple. It’s just like creating your yearly holiday cards online except it’s a sticker instead of card stock.

In fact, it doesn't have to be for wine or beer. Many people enjoy a nice bottle of peppermint schnapps, hot buttered rum, or vodka to make candy cane vodkas. Yes, candy cane vodka is a great holiday drink, here is the recipe you can thank us later.

Once you’ve designed your label, head to the store to buy however many bottles of wine, beer or spirits you need. Soak off the labels or simply apply your new personalized labels over the existing labels and voila! You now have personalize holiday bottles to give to all your friends or family.

Not only is it a unique idea that breaks the old tradition of sending out Christmas cards, but it functions as a gift as well, because you’re pairing it with the recipient’s drink of choice.



Holiday Party Wine And Beer Labels


In addition to a substitute for Christmas cards, holiday wine or beer labels make awesome party favors or hostess gifts for Christmas or New Years Eve parties. Create labels specific to the party theme or holiday; you can even create individual labels for each party game, person, or group.

Guests or hosts of holiday parties will appreciate the thoughtfulness of personalized spirits and it will be a memorable, fun gift that they will remember year after year.


A New Holiday Tradition


Design your holiday labels to look elegant, modern, classic, or even funny. We have hundreds of pre made holiday designs for all types of labels and if you don’t see anything you like you can always start a design from scratch and make something using your own ideas. We also offer the flexibility to create as little as one label so if you want to personalize a variety of bottle labels for Christmas or the Holidays you can do so without ending up with hundreds of extra labels you’ll never use.

Get started now and create something different this holiday season rather than the boring garden variety holiday cards you traditionally send out every year.

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