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Premium Custom Canning Labels & Stickers

Do you want to make canning jar labels for homemade food gifts? Do you want labels that aren’t run of the mill? You can do just that without buying expensive graphics software or hiring a designer. Design your own custom canning labels online using the BYB online design studio. This amazing online studio gives you the power to make any design you want. From adding a logo to selecting the latest handwritten fonts, it’s all yours to use.

Guaranteed Quality Canning Labels

BYB canning labels are made from material that’s waterproof, colorfast, and self-adhesive, plus they’re tear-resistant and durable. They come in sizes for either regular or wide mouth mason jar lids. We offer two circle sizes for canning jar lids: 2 inch diameter and 2.5 inch diameter. We recommend the 2 inch circle sticker for Kerr & Ball regular Mason jar lids and for wide mouth Mason jars, the 2.5 inch circle sticker.

Don’t worry about the labels falling off or getting gummy when they get wet. The synthetic material used to make them can withstand water, ice, steam, and extreme temperatures. So if you just blanched a batch of green beans and want to add your canning sticker there’s no worry. These labels don’t crack in a freeze-thaw environment either, so likewise if you’re making freezer jam the labels will stay on in temperatures to -250º F. That’s definitely more extreme than normal freezer temperatures right? We also print on a commercial press that sets the ink into the material with an electrostatic charge. So why mess around with cheap paper labels that you print at home then write on to later discover the writing is messed up? Design and print your custom canning labels with BYB knowing they will look professional and last for as long as you need them.

Ready To Create Your Own Canning Labels?

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Endless Design Possibilities

If you’re not sure how to design a label, we have pre-made designs where all you do is edit the text by typing in your own words. Choose from a wide selection of templates for jelly, jam, applesauce, baby food, berries, vanilla, cherries, pears, limoncello, bbq sauce, homemade peanut butter, pie filling, salsa, and even chili mix. Customers also use our canning labels for sauces, candles, liqueurs, soaps, and scrubs.

The graphics and text on most all of the templates for canning stickers are changeable. So for example, if you like the background pattern on the cherry pie filling sticker, but need a strawberry jam sticker simply click the ‘Customize’ button to make changes like remove the cherry graphic to add your strawberry image and change the text to your words.

To make a canning label from scratch is easy too. Start at the ‘Make Your Own’ tab and choose Canning Labels from the drop down menu under Custom Labels. Or start with circle label under Custom Circle Stickers. The material is the same durable substrate. Upload your own logo and add text. Adjust it all using the tools to get the perfect result.

Expect lots of compliments when friends and family receive a gift from you with your custom canning label. The contents inside the jar are sure to please, but it’s the label on the outside that’ll peak their interest.

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Canning Labels for Your Cottage Industry

If you’re starting your own food manufacturing business and need to make a prototype for your labels then our minimum quantities are perfect for this application. Order as few as twelve labels in your own custom design. All of this is possible using the online designer whether it’s adding an information panel, ingredients, nutrition facts, serving size, or your address. You’ll want to look up the FDA’s food labeling requirements so you add all the required elements. Using the ADD IMAGE and ADD TEXT tools it won’t take you any time at all to make your canning label prototype.

Make Your Canning Labels Online

It’s time to start making your unique canning labels now. Discover the simplicity of creating labels for fruit canning, vegetable canning, Christmas & Holiday gift jars, canning for the kitchen, Cookie- Mix-in-a-Jar kits, and even basic canning labels. If you need help, ask for it on Live Chat weekdays 9 am to 3 pm Pacific time.