Create Your Own Canning Labels

Create Your Own Canning Labels

Instantly design online your own circle shaped canning labels. We have pre made templates for jams, jellies, fruits, vegetables, dry goods and more. Choose any of the templates and modify them with your own text, logos and photos. Or if you prefer you can design your own canning label from scratch.

Canning labels are available in two sizes 2” and 2.5” round to fit all the standard size Ball and Kerr jars.

Our canning labels will fit on the lids or the jar, our labels are synthetic and have a special adhesive that creates strong adhesion to glass, metal or plastic. Our canning labels are also 100% waterproof so you can submerge them in water or place them in the refrigerator and they will hold up just fine.

Make it yours!  •  No setup fees  •  Full-color printing  •  100% satisfaction guaranteed