Eight ounce water bottles

This photo illustrates how different a bottle can be that holds the same fluid ounces. These are all brand name 8 ounce bottled water.






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  1. Marjorie Kingston

    I’m interested in purchasing 100 of the 8oz bottles

    1. Hi Marjorie, Thank you for visiting our blog. At this time we’re selling our 8 oz. bottled waters in minimum orders of 10 cases/240 bottles. We do offer our 12 oz bottles in a quantity as low as 1 case/24 bottles. You can find the 12 oz. bottled water templates here: https://www.bottleyourbrand.com/custom-bottled-water or you can design your own label starting here: https://www.bottleyourbrand.com/custom-label-bottled-water Please allow about two weeks for production and up to five business days for shipping.
      Let us know if you have further questions.

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