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You Need to Know This Before You Buy Water Bottle Labels

Personalized water bottle labels are a great way to get the word out about your business or provide water with flair for guests at parties or weddings. You’ll save a lot of money by ordering just the labels instead of custom bottled water for the simple reason water bottle labels are a lot less expensive to ship than cases of bottled water. They also take less time to make so we can ship them out to you faster.  That’s why we offer self-adhesive, waterproof water bottle labels printed with your design to put on bottles you source locally. It’s easy to go to the grocery store or Costco and pick up a few cases of water. Removing the labels is usually fast since major bottlers use as little glue as possible on the ends of the labels. This is good news for you and for us because getting the bottle free of the label takes no time at all. Personalized water bottles are great for hand outs and parties, but please don’t resell them.  It’s not legal. Buy our custom bottled water if you plan on reselling.

Before you proceed here are some things you must know to make your purchase of water bottle labels a good experience.

#1 There Is No “Standard” Water Bottle

People in general have the misguided idea there is one bottle that’s a standard size. That’s not the case. Bottles come with standard content sizes like 16.9 ounces (500 ml), 12 ounces (355 ml) and 8 ounces (240 ml), but the bottle shapes themselves can be very different. See the photo below:

There is no standard size water bottle
Bottles come in many shapes and sizes. There is no standard bottle.

So I guess what most people think of as “standard” is a 16.9 oz. bottle of water. That’s the size you probably pick up at the store when you’re stocking up. Just to illustrate how different bottles with the same fluid ounces can be, refer to the photos below of three brand name bottled waters in three content sizes. Even though they are all the same size in fluid ounces, they are different heights, different shapes, and different circumferences.

There is no standard water bottle even if the bottles hold the same amount of water.
Examples of 16.9 oz. bottled water
12 ounce water bottles without labels
Examples of 12 ounce bottled water
Eight ounce water bottles without labels
Examples of 8 ounce bottled water

#2 Pick Your Bottle Before You Order Your Labels

You wouldn’t shop for shoes or a shirt without knowing your size. Neither should you order labels without knowing what bottle you’re going to put them on. You’d be surprised how many  people do just that however. Then they call us all confused as to why the labels don’t fit their bottles. But hey, they bought the water bottle labels before knowing what bottle they were going to use.  Kind of like buying shoes for your kid who’s at home and then finding when you get home they don’t fit. Hmmm.

Check the size of your bottle before you buy labels.
Mom and Dad what were you thinking? Why didn’t you measure first?

#3 How to Measure for Custom Water Bottle Labels

Not only are bottles with the same fluid ounces different shapes and sizes, to make matters even more confusing, they have different label panels. The label panel is the area where the label is applied to the bottle. See the illustration below for further reference to what that area looks like.

Find the Label Panel Height

Water bottles showing label area
Label panel size on three 16.9 oz. bottles

Notice how the bottle on the far left has a significantly taller space where the label can be placed on the bottle and on another the label panel gets as small as 1.75 inches in height. Now not many commercial bottlers spend the money to make a label that’s 4.5 inches high. Dasani and Aquafina have the tallest labels I’ve seen and those are only two inches high.  Water bottled by Nestlé Waters’ may have labels as narrow as 1.5 inches high.

Find the Distance Around the Bottle

Besides the height of the area where the label fits you also need to know the measurement of the circumference (the distance around) the bottle. You can measure with a cloth measuring tape or use a piece of string, wrap it around the bottle, cut it, and lay it flat against a ruler.  You can also pull the existing label off to get a good idea, but generally the existing label is smaller than the label panel. We give you lots of space to show off your design so our label might be slightly taller in height, but still fit the bottle.

Measure your bottle before you buy water bottle labels.
Measure the bottle first before you buy labels.

Once you find these two measurements; the height of the label panel and the distance around the bottle, compare these measurements to our water bottle label sizes, 8.25 x 1.75 or 8 x 2.125, to see which size works best.

Two water bottle label sizes.
The two water bottle label sizes to choose from.

We recommend you download our Sticker and Label Size Guide and print it out. Cut out the two water bottle labels and take them to the store with you to test them on bottles.

Find the right size water bottle label
Measure your bottle first then choose the label size.

Check for Gaps or Overlaps

If you don’t like a gap between the ends of the label make sure you get the label size to achieve the look you want. I think it looks good if the label overlaps slightly or the ends butt up against each other, but that’s always a matter of preference. If the label ends do overlap keep that in mind when making your label artwork. You don’t want to cover up important text or images.
Create your own mini wine labels

We Sell Quality

There are thousands of companies selling water bottle labels from small online shopkeepers to printables you download and print yourself. You need labels that are waterproof not water resistant, so the bottles can be placed in ice or water. You need labels that are synthetic not paper or coated paper, for a polished look. You need labels that are printed on a commercial press not an inkjet printer, so the colors won’t run and the clarity is sharp. Sure, you can get water bottle labels for cheap, but they won’t last or look professional. We print on a quality, synthetic material that has a self adhesive backing. The ink is electrostatically set into the label. Plus the ink is commercial grade and the color is crisp. Whether you’re celebrating Aunt Mary’s birthday or giving bottled water to your patients, you want to be sure you’re ordering the best water bottle labels you can find.

We have customers that order labels in quantities of thousands at at time for their business. We also have folks who order as little as ten for a small celebration. Where ever you fall on that spectrum we want you to get the water bottle label size that’s perfect for you. I hope you’ve found this guide helpful. For more info please visit our website or email us; [email protected] or Live Chat with us weekdays, 9 to 4 Pacific time.



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  1. I like the idea of having personalized water bottle labels. I also think that having a good quality label is important. I love how this idea is unique and something that everyone can use.



    1. Yes they are the same size.

  3. Can i get your contact number? May shop ba kayo na pwede namin puntahan? How much yung label nyo for 350ml , 500ml
    And 1liter. Thankyou.

    1. Hello, you will need to figure out your label size before ordering. Then visit this page for the shape, size and pricing;

  4. Debi Vitaglian


    I am looking for a water label that is not just 1 big sticker. I have seen them where there is only “sticky” on the ends so that the label is not completely stuck and wrinkly. There is a tab to start and then a tab to overlap and stick. it’s not loose or going to move but it is also not completely stuck in place to keep it smooth. We do a lot of water bottles for weddings and really want to find a good source for these. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Hello, our labels are fully adhesive but they can also be removed if need be to adjust them. Please let us know your address and we’ll send out some free samples. Thanks!

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