Write On! Waterproof Writable Labels to the Rescue

One of the challenges rising from home projects like brewing beer, making wine, and food canning is keeping track of the batches you’ve made. Some people opt for marking bottles and cans by printing paper labels at home. This works fine until a few drops of moisture turn your labels into a soggy mess. The solution to keeping batch numbers or beer names straight on bottling or canning day is by utilizing waterproof write on labels.

This photo illustrates how the writing isn’t affected by condensation on these beer can labels ordered by Pixel Perfect Brewing. Note how the words on the labels aren’t runny or smeared. These labels were stored in the refrigerator and still look great.

Waterproof Labels You Can Write On

Our labels are made from a tough synthetic stock. At first appearance they look like ordinary paper, but don’t be fooled. These labels are:

  • waterproof
  • thicker than paper
  • durable
  • self adhesive
  • temperature resistant

Write on these labels with confidence knowing that the text will remain intact. We’re so sure about our write on labels we posted this video to show you just how remarkable they are.


There are many uses for writable labels. Here are a few ideas from real customers. Let us know in the comments how you’ve used your labels.

1. Label Bottles of All Sizes

From dropper bottles to growler sized jugs, our customers use waterproof write on labels for many purposes including small quantity productions, homemade wine, special brews, custom gifts, even anniversary batches. Brewer ‘Bout the Hops uses 6 inch wide by 4 inch high write on labels on 64 oz growlers. Their label art includes a space to write beer information using a Sharpie.

2. Name Your Batch of Brew

This home distiller ordered our writable, waterproof liquor labels sized 3.5 inches wide by 4 inches high. Don’t you love their clever take on the classic convention name tag?

Write on labels come in all shapes and sizes including oval beer labels. Besides ovals, keep track of your homemade beverages with label shapes including rectangles, circles, and squares.

3. Write the Date on Canning Labels

Common knowledge among home canners is that unopened home-canned foods have a shelf life of one year and should definitely be used before two years. That means you really need to know what date the food was canned to calculate the expiration date. Rely on our waterproof write on canning labels to be legible regardless where or how long they’ve been stored.

4. Keep Track of Homemade Wine

There are many ways to keep track of homemade wine, but one of the better looking ways is to label bottles with your own write on wine labels. Make your labels by creating one from scratch or modify a pre-made wine label template. Besides being waterproof, the adhesive is semi-permanent, which means you can remove the label without any glue residue and re-use the bottle for another batch of wine.

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If you have questions about making write on labels please live chat with us weekdays 9 am to 3 pm Pacific time or leave a message in the comments section below. We answer all emails to info at bottleyourbrand dot com within 24 hours. Happy bottling!



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2 responses to “Write On! Waterproof Writable Labels to the Rescue”

  1. We need a quote for waterproof 4 ½ x 1 ½ white stickers with our logo in the left hand corner for our To-Go Cocktails. We have 8 locations. Preferably under 5 cents per sticker.

    1. Hello, thank you for asking. The closest size we have to what you need is 4 x 2. They are individually cut, come with a matte finish, and are self-adhesive and waterproof. Unfortunately, we can’t meet your price point. We specialize in short run printing.

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