Woodland Animals Favor Ideas

Woodland Animals Party Ideas

Spring is in the air! Here in the great Pacific Northwest we’re shedding our soggy coat of winter-green mossiness and heading outside to enjoy the sunshine. One way to get your kids outside is to host an outdoor party and the perfect theme is Woodland Animals. What’s a kid’s party without some party animals? A woodland animals party is a theme  almost any age child, boy or girl, will enjoy. There are so many furry friends from the forest to include in the festivities.

Idea for a Woodland Animals Water Bottle Label

In this post you’ll learn how to make an adorable raccoon party favor bag. Included is a free printable PDF template, and we give you some easy treat ideas, plus show how to customize the colors on our Woodland Animals water bottle label (see photo above) with matching favor stickers. Voilà, all the elements for a successful party!

Make this Woodland Animals Party Favor Bag-We show you how!

Materials List for the Raccoon Party Favor Bag:

  1. Package of 1/2 inch sticky googly eyes
  2. #9 kraft paper lunch bags
  3. black & white construction paper and kraft paper
  4. scissors
  5. glue or glue stick

Materials List-to-Make-Raccoon-Goody-Bag

Click Here to Download the FREE Raccoon Favor Bag Template


Raccoon-Party-Bag-cutting-guide. Cut the pieces out in the corresponding colors.


  1. Cut all the pieces from this pattern except the tail stripes. Trace the pattern shapes on the corresponding colored paper and cut out the pieces.
  2. Glue the black mask on top of the white mask.
  3. Glue white paper inner ear on the black outer ear. Make two ears.
  4. Now cut the corresponding kraft paper tail stripes and glue onto the full length tail.
  5. Fold the top corners of the kraft paper lunch bag to meet in the center to form a point.
  6. Fold over the point to lay flat on the front of the bag to form the face of the raccoon.
  7. Glue the white chest on the center front of the kraft bag below the point of the face.
  8. Glue the mask across the face and wrap under the fold.
  9. Glue the black nose on the tip of the point.
  10. Glue the ears behind the top fold of the face.
  11. Glue the stripes on the tail. Then glue the tail face down on the back side at the base of the bag. Add the googly eyes to the face on top of the black mask.
  12. To fill bags unfold the the face.


Steps-to-folding-the-raccoon-party-bag-faceSnack Ideas for Woodland Animal Party

Woodland-Animals-Snack-Ideas-for-Busy-MomsSnacks don’t have to be fancy for this party. Simple ideas like these are inexpensive and easy; pretzel stick “twigs”, malted milk ball “pebbles” and “acorns” made from vanilla wafers, candy kisses and butterscotch baking chips take very little time to assemble but fit right in with the woodland theme.


To create healthy drink favors with a Woodland Animal theme, go to our site and visit this template. It’s our Woodland Animal favor sticker. Notice how the water bottle labels below are the same design but different colors. It’s very easy to change the color of the label to match your party colors. All we did with these two labels is change the background color and the text color.

Change the Background Color

To do this look below the text fields on the design page for the Customize More button. This takes you into the design studio. There you will find on your left the Background Color tool. Click on this and an artist palette pops out. When you click on the palette you’ll see a wide range of color selections.

Change the Text Color

To change the text color simply click on the text. The Text Options tool bar appears to the right. There is a little box next to the word Color. Click on that to change your text color. It’s that simple. The majority of our water bottle label templates allow you to change the background and all of them allow text color changes and font style changes as well. With hundreds of font styles and endless color choices you’re sure to find just the right look for your party favor labels.

Woodland-Animals-Water-Bottle-Label-TemplateShould you decide to customize one of our labels for your party, please send us photos from the event. We’d love to share on our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages. We have so many customers who generously send us photos of labels they’ve created on BYB and we post them for others to get inspiration. We have customers who have been with us since we started BYB in 2003. We know them by name and look forward to emailing or chatting with them on their custom label projects. We’d love to have you join our family of customers too. If you need help creating the perfect label please join us on Live Chat or email us at [email protected].


Woodland Animals Favor Ideas






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  1. Megan

    Thanks for the simple, but great ideas! I’m having a raccoon party for my son’s first birthday and I’ve had a lot of trouble finding ideas to decorate, etc. These were perfect. I’m using the raccoon treat bags as the decorations too. Love, love, love. Thank you!

    1. Hi Megan, Thank you for your kind words. We’d love to see photos of the party.

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