Winter Wedding Favors

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Winter is a fabulous time to get married.  Even if you’re tying the knot smack dab in the middle of California (where the winters are really more like suggestions than reality) it’s still a fantastic season to plan your nuptials for.

You can have so much fun with rich fabrics and colors with a winter wedding.  The season naturally lends itself to rich hues and sumptuous accents.  Icicles and snowflakes are a lot of fun to use in decorating, or you can go the opposite way and make good use of cinnamon sticks and candles.

Either way, when you’re planning your wedding don’t forget to put some thought into your wedding favors!  Winter wedding favors are a lot of fun to give away, because you can go in so many different directions.

We’ve seen brides give away bottles of homemade apple cider, with custom wine labels and sticks of cinnamon tied to them.  We’ve also enjoyed weddings where the couple gave away personalized bottles of wine to each couple at their wedding (If you decide to do this, it’s a lot of fun to put a wish on the label that your guests go home and toast the bride and groom).

You could make up packets of mulling spices and hand them out in little packets with custom labels on them, or you could give your guests mini boxes of chocolates with personalized labels thanking them for making your wedding day so special.

The options are limitless.  If you’re planning a winter wedding, congratulations!  If we can help add a custom touch to your wedding please let us know and we’ll be happy to help any way we can.





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