Wedding Menu Ideas – Think Beyond Paper to a Wine Label Menu!

There are many people who will give well meaning advice when you’re planning your wedding, but one thing I know for sure is what’s on the menu for your wedding is important. If you’ve carefully planned your menu then you also want to share the cuisine in an incredibly impressive manner. Why not introduce the food in style with a menu on a wine bottle label?

This customizable wedding wine label features mixed faux silver confetti  paired with a classy script font in medium gray. Perfect for making a wine label menu.

A wine label menu is taking the standard paper menu to the next level. It’s eye-catching and unexpected, but oh so chic! I think you’ll be excited to see how many options there are to create a wine label menu for each of your table settings. It can be free-style or match your wedding invitations. Either way it’s guaranteed to bring a touch of personalization to your wedding day.

This customizable wedding wine label menu features mixed watercolor greenery leaves and pastel roses paired with a elegant font perfect for a wedding menu.

Make a Wedding Menu into a Wine Label from a Digital File

#1 – Start with the Wine Bottle Style

The bottle of wine you plan on using determines what size label works for your menu. Two common bottle styles are Bordeaux and Burgundy. These are the two I’ll reference for creating your wedding wine label menu.

For the 750 ml size Bordeaux bottle both the standard wine label 3.5 inches wide by 4 inches high and the large wine label 4 inches wide by 6 inches high fit. For more impact I think you’ll want to go with the large wine label considering many printed paper menus for weddings run 5 inches wide x 7 inches high. Plus, the large wine label size will easily accommodate a menu. Should you choose a burgundy style bottle then we recommend the standard wine label 3.5 inches wide by 4 inches high.

#2 – Get the Digital Menu File from Your Planner

After you choose your menu label size you’ll want to get the digital file of your menu. Your wedding planner or the company you purchased your wedding set from should be able to email it to you. This file should be 300 pixels per inch resolution and the file format must be either JPG, PDF or PNG. Save it to your PC, laptop or tablet.

#3 – Upload the Digital Menu File

Start on the Make Your Own tab and choose the label size you determined from the bottle style. On the next page choose the quantity and click Design Online. Once in the online designer add your digital file by clicking the IMAGES button to the left of the design canvas. The designer will let you browse your files to upload your digitized menu. Follow the steps to place your order.

Examples of Wine Label Menus on Bottles

This standard wine label size features plenty of space to upload your wedding menu label and customize to your heart's desire.
A wine label menu uploaded from a wedding set. This menu label is 4 inches wide by 6 inches high.
An idea for a wedding wine label menu in a standard size 3.5 inches wide by 4 inches high. Add your design or make your own from a template.

How to Make a Wine Label Menu Using a Template

If you don’t have a wedding set that includes a menu, then create a wine label menu using one of our templates. Pick a wedding wine label you like in either the standard or large size. When you get to the text line page simply pass that by and click on the blue Design Online button. Once you’re in the online designer the font style, words, and the layout is up to you. Just delete the existing text lines and replace them with your own words. Add text lines where you need them. It’s that easy. Look at the examples below which are made from our templates. All it takes is adding your own words.

An wedding wine label menu idea. Made from a large wine label and personalized by the bride with her wedding menu.
This wine label menu for a wedding was adapted from a standard wine label template. The text was changed and the flowers arranged to fit a menu.
A wine label menu idea made from a large wine label template. Framed with wine grapes and leaves, the elegant font is exactly what a wine label menu calls for.
An elegant wedding menu. Blue and white pastel flowers frame the menu. Template leaves space for your names, date and the wedding menu.
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