Class Up Your Wedding Beer

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Here in the Pacific Northwest, we know spring is on the way by the gorgeous daffodils that pop up all over the place!  With spring so close, summer’s soon to follow, and that means wedding season!

Summer weddings are such fun.  Good weather, great outdoor venues, fantastic lighting for photos!  Planning an outdoor wedding can present additional logistical challenges, but they’re nothing you can’t solve with a little creativity.

Take, for example, keeping your guests hydrated and cool during your outdoor festivities.  The last thing you want is for the one thing everyone remembers from your wedding to be your aunt fainting at the reception!

Have you thought about serving beer at your wedding?  It’s an easy refreshment to offer, as it’s already in serving containers (no need for extra glassware), and doesn’t have enough alcohol content that you have to worry about certain family members imbibing too much (every family has them!).

If you’re worried about the somewhat down-market image of beer, try classing the bottles up with custom beer labels.  You can coordinate the colors, text, and images on the beer labels with the rest of your decorative touches, ensuring that you won’t have to worry about beer labels clashing with your table settings.

We have several wedding beer label designs to choose from, or you can design your own.  Our Design Online tool makes it easy to upload your images and text to your beer labels.  Have fun designing your custom beer labels, then enjoy watching guests relaxing and enjoying themselves at your wedding!





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