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Water Bottle Stickers – Made in any Size or Shape to Fit Popular Bottles

I know we’ve talked about water bottle labels about a zillion times here over the years but here is a new twist on the product. Water bottle stickers. What’s the difference you say? In our opinion they are essentially the same but if you want other opinions do some Googling. I’m sure there are some passionate groups on either side of the argument.

Standard Rectangle Water Bottle Labels Vs. Water Bottle Stickers in Custom Shapes.

Our standard rectangle water bottle labels are made in two sizes 8.25″ wide by 1.75″ tall or 8″ wide by 2.125″ tall. Those sizes were chosen as the two that fit the most common brands of store bought bottled water. Brands like Aquafina, Deer Park, Arrowhead, Kirkland Signature (Costco bottled water), Poland Springs, Nestle Pure Life and more. But what about if you have a different bottle, something with a unique shape like Fiji bottles which are square? That’s why you need custom water bottle stickers. They are essentially die cut stickers.

Water bottle stickers for Nestle Pure Life bottles.
Here are our two standard size water bottle stickers that fit most all store bought brands of bottled water.

You can make literally any shape water bottle sticker with our die cut sticker product. Simply upload your artwork after you have selected a the rough size you want it to be and place your order. From there will will create a proof with an outline and email you back. You’ll be able to approve your water bottle sticker shape and size before we print them.

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Water Bottle Stickers for Branding and Promotion

Using your logo and turning it into a die cut water bottle sticker is an inexpensive and impactful way to do some marketing. Water bottle stickers often times turn into traveling billboards stuck to whatever it is people will stick them to. Because of their durable, waterproof and dishwasher safe properties they can really be used for anything. Hand out your sticker design and advertise it as a car, helmet, hard hat, skateboard, luggage, phone case or laptop sticker.

Turn your logo into a water bottle sticker.

If you need some help with your sticker design or have a questions contact us. We’re happy to help and if it’s something we can’t help with we’re happy to point you in the right direction if we have the knowledge or a contact. Email us or live chat with us from 9am to 3pm PST Monday to Friday. Happy sticker making!


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