Unique Save-the-Date Bottles

Save-the-dates are the first glimpse of your wedding. They convey the vibe and overall style of your upcoming big day. Personalized wine or beer save-the-dates break with tradition and are a way to ask guests to mark their calendars. No doubt they’ll generate the excitement of friends and family for your upcoming nuptials. For those of you hosting smaller weddings or wanting to give the bridal party their save-the-dates in a way more unique than a post card, this is for you.

Make your own save-the-date wine bottle label online. Give bottles of wine instead of postcards for unique save the dates.

Love Truly, Drink Deeply, (Dance Badly)

This engagement photo-inspired wine label will have everyone saving your date on their calendars and raising a glass to you and your intended. If you’re not a home wine maker then buy your favorite wine by the case and add the custom label over the existing one, or carefully soak the old labels off before you put yours on the bottle.

This is a photo save-the-date wine label. Add your photo and text to give wine as your save-the-date.

To get this save-the-date look upload your photo for the label background and change the text to your information. If you don’t have a photo simply choose a background color in the online designer. There are an amazing number of font styles and unlimited color choices for the text. Matching your wedding colors shouldn’t be a problem if you have the RGB color numbers.

Come for the Beer, Stay for the Wedding

Not into wine? Invite your beer loving friends to save-the-date for your wedding with personalized beer bottles. If you’re a home brewer, use your homemade beer, if not, then substitute a favorite local craft brew.

Save-the-date personalized beer labels. Give these bottles of beer for a unique way to save-the-date.

To personalize this beer label template, all you have to do is type in the bride’s and the groom’s names, add the date of the wedding, and if you like, give the beer a catchy name. If the espresso background color isn’t your first choice simply select the background color tool and pick a color that harmonizes with the wedding palette. The six pack bottle carrier can be found here.

TIP: Make sure there’s enough contrast between the words and the background color so you can read the words on the labels after they’re printed. The screen is brighter than what the actual printed label will be.

Custom save-the-date beer bottle idea.

Drunk on Love

This modern save-the-date label is found in our exclusive wedding wine label templates. The light strings and textured brick wall background lend it a chic, industrial air.

Save-the-date idea for nontraditional brides.

This label is named Drunk On Love.

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A Bold Save-the-Date Alternative

This is an important detail that kicks off your wedding so you naturally want it to be unforgettable. Look through our wide assortment of beer and wine label templates and transform virtually any design into a save-the-date. And of course there’s always the option of creating a label completely from scratch.

A nontraditional save-the-date wine bottle. Make your custom wine labels online.

Make Your Save-the-Date Label Online

While you can make your design using a smartphone, we highly recommend using a PC or tablet. Just the fact that you’re working on a larger screen will make it more enjoyable since there are a lot of tools in the online design studio that are better accessed with a PC (or Mac).

Use your PC or Mac to make your save-the-date custom announcements online.

If you have questions about making a save-the-date label, we’re here for you. Our online chat is active weekdays Monday through Friday from 9 am to 3 pm Pacific time. Email us at info at bottleyourbrand dot com. We try to answer all emails within 24 hours.






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