Assemble Frozen the Movie party table decorations in one night.

The Ultimate Guide to Make Frozen Movie Party Favors in One Night

Assemble Frozen the Movie party table decorations in one night.

Before the Disney movie Frozen hit the big screen it was expected to be a huge it, but it surpassed even enthusiasts’ expectations. Every little boy, girl, and their respective parents, knows the song “Let It Go”. As a result, children are asking for Frozen themed parties and parents are obliging. After looking at Pinterest and seeing the elaborate lengths which many parents seem to feel compelled to go creating a Frozen party, I can see how a time-strapped parent would feel overwhelmed by such a task. If you’re a parent facing this behemoth then take a deep breath, sit down with a nice glass of your favorite wine and read this compilation of easy Frozen party favors.

Frozen party favor collage.

You can shop for these items in one evening. You’ll need to know where your closest craft store is like Michaels or Hobby Lobby and also make a stop at the grocers. All the materials for making the snow wand and also the party decorations, like the tissue paper balls, the colored baker’s twine, the chevron pattern straws and the star cupcake toppers were purchased at Michaels. The cupcakes, soda, bottled water, M & M’s, donut holes, patterned cupcake papers and the mini canning jars were purchased at the grocery store. The plastic champagne flutes I already had on hand. I purchased them from Party City for an earlier event. Two stops for a party, not bad. I did not have to bake a single thing for these favors, which made it even faster. I made the labels and stickers here.

Let’s start with the Snow Wand which is a simple party favor, but can also be a kid’s craft activity. This doesn’t look exactly like the one in the Frozen movie, but it’s glittery and colorful, and anyway, that’s where your child’s imagination kicks in. If your child is 7 or older they can probably make this on their own except for one step that you can do ahead of time. I recommend you supervise making this wand with younger children.

A snow wand craft project for Frozen the movie parties.

Make Your Own Frozen Snow Wand


  • Wilton 8 inch lollipop sticks
  • Stryrofoam snowflake three inches or larger in diameter
  • Glitter in your choice of color, aqua, blue, lavender or silver
  • Glitter tape
  • Elmer’s glue or styrofoam glue
  • 3/8 inch ribbon in purple, aqua or the color of your choice
  • An awl or Phillips head screw driver (to punch a hole in the snowflake for the wand handle)
  • optional: a small art paint brush to spread the glue

Here’s a photo of the supplies I used to make the Snow Wand.

Supplies to make a Frozen snow wand.

Glitter tape

TIP: Not all glitter tape is created equal. I had the best luck with American Crafts brand glitter tape. Other brands didn’t stick as well to the lollipop handle.

Steps to make Elsa’s Frozen Snow Wand

  • Poke a hole in between two points of the snowflake about 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep depending on the size of the snowflake. This is where you’ll push the lollipop stick into the snowflake to make a handle later.
  • Wrap the glitter tape around the lollipop diagonally from top to bottom pressing firmly and trim at both ends.

Use glitter tape to wrap the Snow Wand handle.

  • Using the glue, cover one side and the edges of the snowflake completely with an artist paint brush or even use your fingers. Sprinkle glitter heavily until the side is coated. Wait an hour or until dry. Flip and repeat on the opposite side.
  • After both sides of the glittery snowflake is dry you’re ready to add the handle. Take the lollipop sticker and insert into the hole you made with the awl or screwdriver. You can add a dab of glue in the hole before you insert the stick.
  • Cut two 14 inch lengths of the 3/8 inch ribbon. One at time, tie the ribbon at the top of the handle and trim all four ends with a diagonal cut.

TIP: I put a piece of wax paper down first and set the styrofoam snowflake on it for gluing and sprinkling glitter. I left the snowflake there until it dried. This also allowed me to reuse the glitter that didn’t stick the first time.

Your Frozen Snow Wand is done! Your princess can now melt hearts with her wand.

Other Frozen the Movie Party Favors:

Cupcakes with Star Toppers

I found the Star Toppers at Michaels for under $2. They had 6 inch handles and I cut them down to 2 inches for the toppers. The cupcakes I purchased at the local grocer. Choose white, lavender or aqua blue frosting to match the Frozen colors.

Cupcakes with star toppers.

Mini Mason Jars for Sweet Treats

Fill the jars with color coordinated candies like M & M’s. Wrap the rim of the lid with glitter tape. Make a custom Frozen Snowflake circle sticker on Bottle Your Brand. Place the 2 inch circle sticker on the lid.

Mini mason jars Frozen movie party favors

Soda Bottle Drinks for Melted Ice

I used Jones Soda bottles and soaked off the label. The 2 inch circle sticker is the same pattern as the mini mason jar sticker, but with different text . Every circle sticker design is available in low minimum quantities so you can order as little as 12.

Frozen party favor circle sticker.

Snowball Champagne Flutes

It takes only three donut holes to fill a plastic champagne flute. Use the 3/8 ribbon and tie a bow at the base. Make another 2 inch circle sticker and place near the top of the flute.

Snowball party favors for Frozen themed parties.

Water bottles with Custom Frozen Snowflake Labels

The bottles in the photo are an 8 oz. size. I used the pre-made water bottle label Frozen Snowflake in the 8.25 inch by 1.75 inch size. It’s easy to customize the water bottle label and you can buy as little as ten for $9.90.

Frozen the movie party themed water bottle labels.

Still enoying that glass of wine?  Take your time knowing you can pull off a Frozen party with a few clicks of the mouse and two stops at the store. If you have questions about assembling any of these favors or need help making custom stickers, email us at [email protected].


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