Photo turned into wine label.

Turn Your Instagram Photos into Wine Labels

Photo turned into wine label.

We love Instagram! Now you can transform your Instagram photos into wine labels thanks to a feature in our label design studio. It’s easy! Photo wine labels make great gifts for many of life’s most memorable moments. Our customers make photo wine labels for all kinds of celebrations like weddings, graduations and birthdays. Some of our best customers are amateur wine makers. They return to us time after time to create wine labels. Many start from scratch using photos of their grapes and vineyards. Other wine lovers simply choose a favorite vacation photo from Instagram, as in the photo above. What ever you plan on using your wine label for it only takes a few simple steps to turn an Instagram photo into a custom wine label.


Start at Make Your Own>Custom Labels>Wine Labels and once you’ve selected the quantity of wine labels you need, click Customize It! The design studio is the next page view you’ll see. Select Add Image and the design studio canvas will drop down to reveal the Drag and Drop area above the wine label canvas. This is where you choose INSTAGRAM.

Select ADD IMAGE to reveal the link where you choose Instagram photos


Next, select the button Get My Instagram Images. You’ll see the photos populate the scroll bar. Choose your photo, then drag and drop the photo onto the wine label canvas as in the image below. We chose a photo that already had text on it, but we’ll add more later. See the blue squares on either side of the photo? These indicate it’s selected. While it is selected the IMAGE OPTIONS tool bar is displayed next to the wine label. Use the tools on this bar to resize and move your photo to the exact spot you want it.

Scroll through your Instagram photos to make a wine label.


If your photo only covers a portion of your wine label select the paint bucket above the label under Background Options. A color box will appear with color choices. Click on a color and then OK. The background color will appear on the label. Now you can add text.

How to add a background color to your photo wine label.


Select the ADD TEXT tool and begin typing. Your words will appear on the center of the screen. Click off the words and then back on them to select them. You’ll know they’re selected when you see the blue boxes on the edges of the text. The TEXT OPTIONS tool bar will appear. Take a moment to study all the functions this handy tool offers. You have the abililty to move, resize, select a font style and font color. If you’re a confident web user select ADVANCED for even more text style options.


How to add text to a photo wine label.

Go to the TEXT OPTIONS tool bar and from the drop down menu choose a font name. The font style will show in a preview. If you like it, click APPLY and the design studio will reappear so you can view the font on your label. Don’t be afraid to experiment with font styles and colors. Fonts are a very powerful design element and  make an impact on your overall wine label style.


Select a font style from the drop down menu to make your wine label.

When you’re happy with the design of your photo wine label you can do two things; Save for later or Add to Cart. The label will be cropped along the red dashed lines so keep that in mind when you’re ready to order. Here’s our finished wine label.


Photo wine label with the text added, font style selected and font color selected.


Below are some other photo wine labels made by our customers. Notice the different styles. Some photos cover the entire label and the text is added on top of the photo. Then there is the alternative to add photo to the center of the label and add text above and below. The bottom most wine label was made using one of our pre-designed wedding wine label templates.

Wedding wine label made from a photo.A photo wine label for a wedding made from a template and a photo

We look forward to seeing your photo wine labels. Please share any ideas you have for new wine label designs as we’re always open to suggestions. If you need help making a photo wine label with an Instagram photo, hit us up on Live Chat during business hours or email us at [email protected]. Wine labels are our specialty.





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