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Truck Decals – Made from Durable Vinyl

We talk a lot about stickers for bottles, belongings, gifts, foods and other items but today let’s talk about truck decals. We’ll show you how you can easily and quickly make your own truck decals and what they are what they are made from.

What is a Decal?

How is a decal different from a label or a sticker? It’s really grey area, subjective if you will. Decals, labels and stickers all essentially do the same thing, they stick to a product or item and display a message, image or information.

4x4 custom truck decal
4×4 custom truck decal

How Can I make a Truck Decal?

Start here at our die cut sticker product and select the size you need. You can then upload your own artwork. This can be literally anything you like. A photo, a logo, a digital illustration or anything you have in PDF, PNG or JPG form.

Our design tool has some basic functions that allow you to resize your uploaded file, add some text, change the font and color. Take a couple minutes to play with the tool and see what you can come up with. If you are a bit more design savvy you can upload a PDF from something you’ve made in Photoshop or Illustrator. When you are happy with the design, click add to cart and place your order.

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The shape of the decal can be unique to your design or it can be a standard square or rectangle, remember it’s whatever you want it to be. 4”x4” is a very common truck decal size. Along with your size it is pretty cool to utilize the ability to have the decal die cut to the contour of whatever your design is. For example, if you have a logo that’s the shape of a lighting bolt rather than have your decal a boring square let us contour cut around the lighting bolt and your decal will have that unique shape.

One thing to keep in mind when designing a good looking truck decal is contrast. Dark colors next to other dark colors won’t show up well. Especially if your truck or car is a dark color. Choose colors that have good contrast or even just plain white design for your decal.

waterproof truck decals
Waterproof truck decals

What are Decals Made of?

We print ours using a 3M vinyl product that is amazingly durable and finish it with a high gloss UV coating that ensures your decal is not only waterproof but UV resistant to fading for up to 5 years. The backing of the 7mil vinyl is coated with permanent adhesive so once you stick these they are stuck! Make sure wash your truck before you apply these (at least the one spot where you want the decal) and dry the area where you are going to stick it.

thug life custom truck decal
Thug life truck decal

What Size Decal Can I Make ?

We can make almost any size decal from little 2”x2” up to 6”x6”. If you want something larger and custom reach out to us, chances are we can help. Our die cut machine will go up to 12×12 so if you need a decal that large we can do it. We also have standard rectangle bumper stickers made from the same material that are 11”x3” if that’s what you are looking for.

Get creative and start designing your own truck decals. If you have some questions or get stuck contact us here on live chat below or via email. We’re happy to help however we can.


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