Five Trending Party Favor Ideas

Skip traditional party favors for these fresh trending favor ideas. One of the things I enjoy is keeping on top of the latest news in party favors so I can share them with readers. It didn’t take long to figure out these five party favors are solid picks. Studying Pinterest boards, reading party blogs, and discovering popular clip art is a treat but time consuming. It’s like the rabbit hole in Alice In Wonderland, once you venture in you don’t know how long until you get out! To save you time, here are five no-fail party favor likes.


Succulents are beautiful, spunky plants and are all the rage in home decor, so they’ve naturally become a party favor that hostesses love. An added bonus is they’re hard to kill unless you over water them. Greenery-themed wedding favors are fashionable right now so this favor checks off all the boxes when you apply one of our green leaf label designs. With this trend think small, as in one inch pots, and thrifty, as in mini take-out boxes. Package them with patterned tissue wrap and add a custom sticker! So bright and smart looking especially when you add a dash of color with a silky ribbon bow.


Succulent plants make the perfect party favor. Customize with a sticker you make online.Take out box with mini succulent and party favor stickerMini take out boxes filled with one inch pots of succulent varieties.


Macarons are of Italian origin and the word macaron means “fine dough.” These delectable cookies are light, a little chewy, and soft. They hit the top ten list of favorites in no time. Package them in transparent boxes with a custom sticker and you look like the hostess with the mostest. If you’re hosting a brunch and bubbly include a 187 ml mini Champagne or sparkling wine bottle with a custom label. The box below is a clear pillow box.
Macaron party favor box with custom circle.
Mini sparkling wine labels and macarons are trending party favors. Make your mini wine labels online.


Everyone loves coffee and that’s why coffee favors are trending. We like this favor presented in a  tin tie coffee bag. The size in the photo is 2 1/2 inches wide by 7 3/4 inches high.  Once you fill and fold over the ends to fasten, it stands about 5 inches tall. Add a custom sticker like this 3 inch x 3 inch and include a pun on your party favor sticker to top off the bag. For example, “Grounds for Celebration” or “The Perfect Blend”. Include a measuring or stir spoon tied with a ribbon in your wedding color.
"Grounds for Celebration" party favor sticker for small coffee bag favors.
Coffee favor stickers. Personalize online for your wedding.


The donut trend is spreading fast. From donut stations to donut walls, mini donuts and donuts holes are hard to resist. Package them in peek a boo favor bags and top with a strip of gold glitter ribbon tape then add a custom party favor sticker. The party favor sticker on this bag is 3″ wide by 2″ high.
Mini Donut Party Favors with custom sticker size 3 inches wide by 2 inches high
Custom party favor stickers for donut favors and other goodie bags


If you’re in charge of hosting a bachelorette party then what’s not to like about this party favor? Easy to buy and even easier to make; be sure to put these mini liquor bottles with custom stickers on your favor list. This bottle size is 50 ml and can be found at Total Wine or BevMo. Use our mini liquor labels in the 3″ wide by 2″ high size to wrap around the bottles. Finish with a bow.

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