Top-Quality Waterproof Labels

waterproof labelsThe quality of our labels is one of the the many things that set us apart from our competitors.  Well, that and our awesome designs, low prices, and excellent customer service.

Anyway, back to the labels.  There’s nothing worse than ordering custom water bottle labels and prepping them for your event only to find out that they dissolve into pulpy mush after a few minutes in ice.  You want your labels to make an impression on people, but not because they have to wash ink off their hands after holding your bottled water!

Our water bottle labels are completely waterproof.  This means you can submerge them in ice and water for hours (days, even, if you want!) and our labels will stay as bright, vibrant, and stuck on the bottles as the day you received them.  You can display these labels with confidence, knowing they won’t let you down!






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  1. Nice to know about water labels and what is the actual process involved in preparing them. Thank you for your post.

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