Personalized hangover recovery kit water bottle labels

Top Picks for Personalized Hangover Recovery Kits

Are you the maid of honor or bridesmaid in charge of hosting a bachelorette party? Besides planning the event itself, think about the morning after the party and take care of your guests with personalized Hangover Recovery Kits. We’ve done the research and gathered thoughtful items to make sure your guests recover from celebrating with a little too much enthusiasm. We recommend giving a bag to each attendee and the bride tribe will thank you the next day!

Hangover recovery kit recommendations. Our top picks to add to your kit for the bride's tribe.

Eight Things to Add to a Hangover Recovery Kit

Make custom water bottle labels for hangover recovery kits. Add a hashtag or photo.

Personalized Bottled Water – Add one or two per kit. Create a water bottle label online with your message and party hashtag. Buy bottled water at the local store and add your new label to the bottle. According to WebMD: “There’s no magic potion that gets rid of a hangover.”  But this trusted site does say, “…fluid from water slows the rate at which your body absorbs alcohol. This will also lower your overall BAC…Along with drinking water throughout the night, be sure to down even more before you go to sleep.” The tribe will love you for this, trust me.

Circle stickers with a custom message for hangover recovery kit items.

Ice Pack – Include these adorable mini pink ice bags to fill and treat puffy eyes the morning after. Fill from the hotel ice machine or room service. I found these for one dollar at, of course, Dollar Tree. They sell them individually in the store, but you can order one case of 24 online for $24 per case. Search under ‘Assured Pain Relief Ice Packs’.

Personalize stickers for hangover recovery kits, like this one for mints.

Breath Mints – Personalize a tin of mints with a sticker like this fun one we used here. Sometimes brushing your teeth isn’t convenient, but these powerful little mints are sure to freshen any cotton mouth.

Sleep mask with a sweet message for your bride tribe hangover recovery kit.

Sleep Mask – Good sleep is necessary for a lady’s optimal health and beauty. This little gem blocks out any bright lights from windows, or roomies that forget to turn out the lights. Find these masks with whimsical messages at any Dollar Tree.

Important items to add to your hangover recovery kit; protein bar, face mist, Tylenol, and Visine.

Other Top Picks for the Hangover Recovery Kit

Tylenol – Add a travel size container of this headache medication to each kit. Along with the bottled water this should help ease the pain.

Eyedrops – Visine Original Redness Relief Eye Drops come in convenient 0.5 fl. oz. bottles and are only $3.99 US on Amazon. These drops are supposed to relieve red eyes in 60 seconds. Clear, bright eyes make for beautiful selfies!

Protein Bars – According to many sources, having protein in your stomach helps absorb alcohol. So if your tribe has been forgoing eating, try these Quest Protein Bars. Each one contains up to 20 grams of protein. That’s quite a bit for a bar, plus if your girls are in no shape to go out for breakfast the next day, this is something they can eat whenever they’re ready.

Facial Mist Spray – These are wonderful for awakening skin. The spray revives your complexion and provides a boost of healthy hydration. It’s also good to prep skin for makeup or finish off makeup by giving it a natural glow. Included in this bag is L’Oreal’s ‘Shake & Glow Dew Mist’. Order online at Amazon or buy in the store at Walgreens. They run between $7 to $8 each.

Hangover Recovery Kit Party Bag

Hangover recovery kit goodie bag found online. Perfect for adding our picks for the best hangover recovery kit for the bride tribe.

And of course, you’ll need the perfect bag to hold all these goodies. I found this shimmery bag at the HomeGoods store. The colors are delightful! You can also buy it online at GingerRay.

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Customization for Hangover Recovery Kit

Personalize any of the items you want to include in your Hangover Recovery Kit by using the same labels featured in the photos:

Need Help with Personalization?

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