I Got My Guy Now I Need My Girls Wine Label

Five Wedding Trends We’re Seeing in Custom Labels

Wedding Water Bottle Label with PhotoTrends for Weddings

At BYB we’re seeing definite trends emerge for 2014 in wedding labels, as new ideas are incorporated with the old to create fresh custom wedding favors. By looking at customers’ orders as they come through the queue, we see definite favorites. As a result we’ve compiled the top five wedding trends based on the last six months of 2013.

Details are what make a wedding brilliant. Whether your personal style is contemporary, traditional or romantic, one detail that brides are adding to their wedding must-have list is custom wedding labels. Coordinate your wedding wine labels and water bottle labels to enhance the general aesthetic of your table décor. Other shapes like ovals and circle stickers are popping up on favors as DIY brides make their own custom favors online.

What’s trending now? Let’s take a look:

Number 5:  “I (Moustache) You”

This trend has been around for a few years, but is still holding strong as grooms are using the popular moustache icon on beer and wine labels to ask their friends to be groomsmen.

I Moustache You Wedding Beer Label

Number 4: “Will You Marry Me?” Wine & Champagne Labels

It’s all in the delivery and proposals printed on wine or champagne labels are a romantic way to pop the question and the ultimate way to celebrate once she says, “Yes!” Your favorite bottle of wine is right there at hand to toast to your future.

Will You Marry Me Wine Label

Proposal Wine Label

Propose with a custom wine label

Number 3: “I’ve Got My Guy, but I Need My Girls”

Variations on this popular theme are created in our online-design-program as brides ask their BFFs to be bridesmaids in their wedding using a bottle of wine with a custom label they made themselves. Use this template to get started.

I Found My Man But I Need My Girls Wine Label

I Got My Guy Now I Need My Girls Wine LabelWill You Be My Bridesmaid Wine Label


Number 2: Chevron Patterns on Water Bottle Labels, Wine Labels & Favor Labels

Chevrons are the up and coming trend we’re seeing in custom wedding labels. Chevrons in all colors and dimensions continue to be a favored wedding trend as we enter the 2014 wedding season. You’ll find chevron templates on BYB, but you can upload your own custom label as these customer submitted examples show.

Chevron Pattern Water Bottle Label for Wedding

Wedding Shower Party Favor - Chevron Water Bottle Labels

Wedding Wine Label with Chevron Pattern


Number 1: Photo Wine Labels and Photo Water Bottle Labels

This trend is holding strong at number one as couples use engagement photos on their wedding wine labels. We’ve also seen childhood photos of the bride and groom side by side on wine labels, a favored nostalgic trend that continues to be popular. Water bottle labels with photos, nutrition facts, then and now photos are also popular with brides.

Custom Photo Wine Label

Bride and Groom Photo Wine Labels; Then and Now

Photo Wine Label for Wedding Favors

Wedding Water Bottle Label with Photo

If you’re planning a wedding in 2014 ask us for assistance in creating your custom photo wedding label. We’re excited to help brides create memorable wedding labels. We’ve been doing this for ten years so we have the experience to help you achieve the look you want on your wedding labels.





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