small dropper bottle labels

Three tips for designing Dropper Bottle, CBD or other Small Label Sizes

Here at Bottle Your Brand we see a lot of labels for dropper bottles. CBD label designs, tincture designs, essential oil label designs, elixirs, beard oils and on and on. With that said we’d like to share a few simple tips for getting the best results when designing these smaller labels for bottles.

how to design professional looking dropper bottle labels

Dropper bottles for products like CBD, beard oil, tinctures and so on are generally small, like 1 or 2 ounces small. Most dropper bottles are no more than a few inches tall and an inch or so in diameter. That means that the labels that go on these bottles are even smaller. Our two standard sizes are 3”wide by 1.5” high and 3” wide and 2” high. So if you have a label that is only 1.5” high and you are trying to cram all sorts of text and designs on it you need to be mindful of a few things.

Dimensions of a standard 2oz dropper bottle label.

Here are our three quick tips for designing small bottle labels.

  1. Font Size. Try to keep your font size as large as possible, at least 4pt, preferably 5pt. Anything smaller and you run the risk of it getting swallowed up with the surrounding color and it’s nearly impossible to read. This is short run digital printing, not offset printing so unfortunately the printer has limitations as to how it can handle small fonts especially if there isn’t a lot of contrast between the font color and the background. Try to keep your fonts as large as possible and stay away from script of thin fonts.
  2. Contrast. Do not try to put purple text on a black background. This goes for larger label designs too but double for small designs. The text won’t show up because of the lack of contrast and you’ll end up with a poor looking design. The more contrast between your background and text the better the final label will look.
  3. Content & Spacing. Be mindful about how much you are trying to fit into your design. Less truly is more with these dropper bottle labels. Don’t be wordy and don’t try to put multiple images on them. They are simply too small and if you cram them full of text and images not only does it look unprofessional it’s harder to read things. Try and keep the text spaced apart as much as possible, it really does produce an easier to read label that looks more professional. Less is more, less is more, one more time everyone, less is more.
Dropper bottle label with text that is too small

That’s really it. If you keep in mind those three points when you are designing your dropper bottle labels you’ll get a finished label that you are happy with and that looks good. So get going on your designing and we’ll print and ship your dropper bottle labels within 48 hours (not counting weekends). If you have questions get a hold of us on live chat or the contact us form below to the right. Cheers!


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