Champagne flute party favors for Graduation.

Three Easy Graduation Favors Anyone Can Make

With graduation season approaching fast we’re sharing three easy graduation favors anyone can make. If you’ve never claimed to be like Martha, but want a lot of bang for the buck when party-planning, read on. Each favor takes only minutes to make and won’t blow your party budget. We’ve provided step-by-step instructions, photos, and a list of the materials you’ll need to assemble each favor. When possible we provide a source to shop for the materials and include the cost.

#1. Champagne Flute Graduation Favors

Instead of party favor goodie bags check out these party favor Champagne flutes full of candy and topped with a graduation cap. Use school colors for the tassle and the brad fastener for a personalized touch. Since they’re graduation favors we used candies called Smarties. Appropriate for the occasion!

Easy graduation favors anyone can make.


Supplies to make the champagne flute graduation favors.

  • Clear Plastic Champagne Flutes – Package of 20 for $9.99 at Party City.
  • Black Poster Board for Top of Mortar Board Hat, buy by the sheet at your local craft store or a 5- pack 22 inch x 28 inch sheets for $6.29 at Office Max.
  • Black Construction Paper for Base of Mortar Board Hat, 50 Sheet Pack for $1.99 at Office Max.
  • Candies of Choice, We used “Smarties Candy Rolls” for the demo favor, $2.99 for a 14 oz. bag.
  • Paper Fasteners or Brads in the color of your choice, We R Memory Makers brand, $3.49 from Ben Franklin store. We used black and white, but they’re available in other colors such as red, orange, yellow green, aqua, blue and purple.
  • Embroidery Floss or crewel embroidery yarn in the color of your choice, $0.99 each JoAnn Fabric & Craft.

Download a printable template for this mortar board topper here.

Mortar Board Cap Top:

Take the poster board and with a ruler measure a 3 inch by 3 inch square. Cut out one square and use it as a template for the rest of the hat tops.

Mortar Board Cap Base:

Use a string or fabric tape measure and measure around the top of the champagne flute. Add 1/2 inch to the measurement. Cut the black construction paper that measurement by 1.25 inches wide and cut two small tabs on the top of one lengthwise side as in the illustration. The size for the champagne flute in the example is 7 inches by 1.25 inches.


Form a circle with the base piece that is just wide enough to slip over the top of the plastic champagne flute and staple the ends together.  The ends should overlap. Fold down the tabs. The tabs are used to glue the base to the top. Now take the 3 inch square and punch a hole in the center.

Cut either colored yard or embroidery thread 4 inches and poke through the hole in the cap top. Secure by putting a paper fastener through the hole and on the underside of the cap top wind around the prongs then open, pinning the yarn against the bottom of the cap.

The top of the mortar board with the tassle and fastener.

This photo illustrates how to attach the tassle to the mortar board cap using a black fastener.

Put a dab of Elmer’s glue on the tabs. With the cap upside down place the glue side of the tabs against the cap top, press down and let dry.

How to glue the base to the cap.

Fill the champagne flutes with Smarties and carefully slip the cap over the top of the flute. Your party favor is ready to go. If you’re serving sparking cider or champagne. Simply pull off the cap, take out the Smarties and serve.

Champagne flute party favors for Graduation.

#2 Mini Wine Labels for Sparkling Cider bottles or Mini Wine Bottles

This favor is pretty simple to create. Shop for mini bottles in either sparkling cider or wine. Measure the label area on the bottles you purchased to see which size mini wine label to order. Sizes available on Bottle Your Brand are 3 ” x 2″, 3″ x 3″, and 2″ x 3″.  Make the mini wine label by customizing a message and uploading a mascot or photo on

The only part of the process that might be a little inconvenient is soaking off the old labels. This product will help remove any left over glue residue. Once the existing labels are off all you need to do is put the new labels on and you’re done. How simple is that? And they look great!

An easy graduation favor to make is mini wine bottle labels on mini bottles of sparkling cider.
Mini wine labels fit perfectly on Martinelli's Sparkling cider 250 ML bottles.


#3. Wine Hang Tags with a College Mascot or School Logo

To dress up the party table add a custom wine hang tag to the beverage bottles, whether wine, soda pop or beer. The way to create a custom hang tag like this one is to do a search for a large image of the graduate’s school mascot and upload into our design studio. Add your message of congratulations and you’re done. The design studio lets you choose font styles and colors so you can match the school colors of your graduate’s alma mater.

Add a mascot to a wine tag for easy college graduation party favors.

Custom wine hang tags with a team logo make easy graduation favors.
Create your own graduation favors

All three of these favors are easy to make. Order your hang tags and mini wine labels soon. If you need help making a custom design please contact us at [email protected] or Live Chat on weekdays. There are plenty of label ideas you can incorporate into your graduation party. We’re always happy to help.


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