Team Stickers On A Sheet – Print One Water Bottle Sticker Per Kid

Parents or coaches of kids sports, listen up! Kids are constantly leaving or misplacing their sports equipment, water bottles, shoes, jerseys, playbooks, the list goes on and on. Here at Bottle Your Brand we can’t help you with that, sorry the kids just need to do better. What we can help you with is the ability to create sticker sheets for your team where you give each player one custom sticker with their name to apply to a water bottle, playbook or whatever else they constantly misplace.

Print An Entire Teams Roster On A Single Sheet Of Stickers

There are a dozen or more kids on any given team and most sticker printers require you to purchase 20 or more of the same design when ordering. That means if you want personalized sports stickers for your kid you’re going to end up with 20, if there are 12 kids on a team that’s 240 sticker being printed up and a lot of wasted money and material. We can solve both of those problems. We can print a teams worth of stickers on a single sheet, each sticker being its own unique one for each kid. For example this sheet of stickers for a soccer team:

Team stickers on a sheet, print 15 or more unique stickers on a sheet.
Create custom sticker sheets for kids sports team with each one being unique to a player.

Reducing Waste With Short Run Sticker Printing

With the ability to print different names on each sticker you can often times get 15 or so different kids stickers on each sheet. Need two stickers or even three stickers for each kid? No problem, you can edit the names on each sticker to whatever you like. That means that you can get a whole teams worth of kids stickers on a few sheets instead of several dozen sheets if each parent were to order for their child individually.

Print your entire teams names on one page of stickers.
Print 15 or more unique stickers on a single sheet. Save money and materials.

Short Run Water Bottle Stickers For Any Sport

We’ve got several premade templates for basketball, soccer and other sports but if you want to make your own custom team stickers in short runs you can do so. Simply create your designs and lay it out on a 8.5”x11” standard size sheet. Upload it as a PDF or high resolution JPG file starting here. We’ll die cut them out to your requirements an ship your sheet or sheets out within four business days, often sooner. One pro tip though, try to leave .25” of space between each design so we can get a good clean cut around whatever image you have. Also keep in mind we need a cut path around your images (a one or two pixel line that traces the outline of your image) so we know how to cut them out. If you aren’t sure how to do that let us know and we can help.

If you need help or have questions about creating your short run water bottle sticker sheets for your team reach out to us. We’re happy to help. We’re here on live chat Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm PST or email us using the contact info below to the right. Cheers!


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