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Tea with the Bride to Be Chalkboard Sign

Hi Ladies. Let’s have tea with the bride-to-be! I made this sign for a bridal shower tea for my niece. As a first time sign maker I was a bit intimidated, but really loved how it turned out. I made some mistakes that I’ll help you avoid, and I’ll share tips so you can create this DIY chalkboard sign without some of the problems I encountered. It took one evening to make the sign and this tutorial will help you master it too. Use the free PDF template and the shopping list of the materials provided below. This post should help you make a bridal shower sign that’s sure to wow! I share some tea party favor labels with you too, to help with your tea party planning.

DIY chalkboard sign made for a bridal shower tea.

Materials for DIY Sign
“Let’s Have Tea with the Bride-to-Be”

Shopping List

  • Black Ornate Chalkboard – Check out this page for the sign I used as well as other sign selections. TIP: The sign I used is not a true chalkboard even though that’s the name of the product. It’s also a bit larger than the PDF template; see step 3 below to adjust the size larger.
  • Bistro Chalk Markers – One bullet tip and one chisel tip. TIP: Use chalk paint or chalk sticks if you have a real chalkboard.
  • Printer and paper
  • Transfer paper – Not the iron on kind, but the kind for other surfaces
  • Easel to hold the sign
  • Removable Scotch tape
  • Pencil or Pen
  • Scissors
Bridal Shower Chalkboard Sign - Let's Have Tea with the Bride to Be
Click on the image to download the PDF template and make this chalkboard sign.

Before You Get Started:

  1. Gather all the materials together.
  2. Download the sign template.
  3. Print the template. Check the printed template against the sign you purchased. The PDF is made for standard size 8.5 x 11 paper. If you have a bigger sign, cut out the various elements of the template and lay them out on a new sheet of paper; tape in place.
  4. Real chalk surfaces need to be primed. Here’s how to prime the chalkboard (if it’s a true chalkboard). The sign in this tutorial looks like a chalkboard but it’s NOT! It’s actually a painted surface. Something I found out the hard way. That’s why I used the markers and not actual chalk. But if you use chalk sticks, them prime the board.
  5. Cut your transfer paper to the size of the sign and tape it securely on all side to the edges of the sign. Make sure the transfer paper has the correct side down.
  6. Position the template over the transfer paper making sure it’s centered to the top and bottom and both sides of the sign. Tape it in place like the in the photo below.
Taped template and transfer paper for tracing the chalkboard sign.

Step by Step Instructions

Here are the steps to make the chalkboard sign. Make sure you read these tips beforehand as they will save you time and possibly frustration!

  • Using a pen or pencil start tracing over the template from the top making sure you get the outline of the flourishes, letters, and tea pot. Take your time and make sure you press down hard enough to transfer the design through to the sign. This is a critical step and there are a lot of letters so be meticulous!
  • Carefully remove the taped template and transfer paper.
  • Using the chalk markers, draw over the design, filling in any areas that weren’t traced. I used both styles of chalk marker tips. The bullet tip was great for the flourishes. I liked the chisel tip for the text, but you’ll find which marker point works best for you. TIP: If you make a mistake use a damp Q-Tip to remove it and let dry before continuing.
  • Let the chalk or chalk ink dry completely on the completed sign. Protect from any unnecessary contact.
Materials used for making bridal shower chalkboard sign.

Here’s how the sign looked right after I finished it. I used a small ball of Museum Wax on the easel to hold the chalkboard sign securely against it.

Tea Party Theme
Favor Labels

To create custom favors for tea parties and tea themed showers we offer a variety of sticker designs. These will stick to bags, boxes, and bottles. Check out this page or look through all of our designs to find one you like.

Add a custom sticker to a Macaron box for the perfect tea party favor.
Create a tea party favor by decorating a tea tin with a custom circle sticker.
Shop Now

Thanks for stopping by to see the DIY chalkboard sign project. If you have questions about making the sign or ordering custom labels for bridal shower favors we’re available online with our live chat Monday through Friday 9 am to 3 pm Pacific time. Email us with questions: info at bottleyourbrand dot com.



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