We’re In a Frenzy for This New Design!

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Every once in awhile a new design comes around that captures our imagination.  Swirl Frenzy, designed by Lacy Labels, is just such a design.  Swirl Frenzy is classy, dramatic, and full of possibilities.

Imagine this gorgeous water bottle label design adorning bottled water at a glamorous fundraising gala.  The swirls keep the design from getting stuffy, and the generous black area on this label provides ample room for event details.  Using this label design would be an easy way to make bottled water sophisticated enough to look appropriate at a black tie event.

This design would also look right at home at a classy 50th birthday party.  The black and gold color scheme are rich and easy to coordinate with, and there’s plenty of room in the black portion to include a picture of the birthday girl if desired.

Of course, this design would also look beautiful at a wedding reception.  If swirls are a part of your wedding’s design scheme, this design would fit right into your reception decor.  Provide your guests with beautiful custom label bottled water, and enjoy admiring how lovely these bottles look on your reception tables!

That’s the beauty of custom labels.  One design can spark your imagination!






2 responses to “We’re In a Frenzy for This New Design!”

  1. scheme pro

    i like it. very dramatic indeed, and truly one that is full of possibilities.

  2. -scheme pro, Thanks, we’re so glad you like this design too!

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