Must-Have Superbowl Party Supplies

[singlepic id=29 w=240 h=160 float=center]Is there anything better than spending Superbowl Sunday with good friends, great food, and cold beer?  We don’t think so.  The Superbowl is just one of those American institutions that feels good no matter what the economy is doing.  Superbowl 43 is coming up on February 1, 2009, and the timing is perfect to start getting ready to host or make plans to attend a Superbowl party.

If you’re hosting a Superbowl party this year, here are the top five ways to guarantee Superbowl party success:

  1. Custom beer labels. We’ve just designed two football labels specifically for the Superbowl that will look great on any bottle of beer you have at your Superbowl party.  At less than $1 apiece, and with our new promo code to take 10% off your label order, this is an economical way to add a custom touch to your Superbowl party.   Our “Game Day” label design features the bright lights of the football stadium prominently, and our “Super Brew” design gives you the chance to show your love for beer on the 50 yard line.  Coincidentally, this is a great way to show support for your team, and force supporters of the opposing team to support your team as well just by holding the bottle!
  2. Beer. Lots of it.  For most Americans, a good football game goes hand in hand with a cold beer, so make sure you stock up on plenty of suds before kick-off.  A great way to store these is in buckets of ice.  This frees up your refrigerator and allows guests to easily help themselves.  You can also throw some other bottles drinks in there as well to keep non-beer drinking guests hydrated.  Fruit juices and bottled water will go nicely in buckets of ice as well.   In fact, if you want to customize your bottled water, we also have a football label for bottled water that you can use to spruce up your water bottles too.  Don’t let the beer drinkers have all the fun!
  3. Snacks. Having an entree is a great idea for after the game, but every Superbowl party needs to have lots of snacks on hand throughout the game in order to keep guests happy.  Going with a variety of snacks will enable you to satisfy a broad variety of tastes, so offer potato chips and dip next to a veggie tray, and throw in some M&M’s for good measure.
  4. Seating. It doesn’t matter if your guests are all male, all female, or a combination of both: comfortable seating is mandatory for every Superbowl party.  Sitting on the floor gets old real quick.  It may not look the best, but if you drag an extra couch into the room, or squeeze a few more armchairs in front of your TV, your guests will thank you for it.
  5. Decorations. Buy or borrow some props for each team playing the Superbowl and scatter them around the room.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a foam finger or a custom jersey, decorations are a surefire way to get everyone in the mood to marvel at great passes, bemoan bad calls, and cheer wildly for touchdowns.





5 responses to “Must-Have Superbowl Party Supplies”

  1. Stacey

    What a fun idea! I’m having my husband’s team come over for the Superbowl and I love the idea of having drinks in tubs of ice around the house. Those beer labels are great, if our team gets to go to the Superbowl we’ll definitely make some labels to support them!

  2. -Stacey, We hope your team, whichever one you’re rooting for, makes it all the way to the Superbowl! Good luck with your party!

  3. Here is my all time, no fail, standby Super Bowl recipe:

    Buffalo Chicken Dip:

    1 pkg. (8 oz.) cream cheese, softened
    2 cans (9.75 oz each) Swanson Chunk Chicken Breast, drained
    1/4 cup Frank’s RedHot Sauce
    1/4 cup blue cheese salad dressing
    1/2 cup crumbled blue cheese
    Assorted fresh vegetables and/or crackers

    1) Stir cream cheese in 9″ deep dish pie plate until smooth. Stir in remaining ingredients.
    2) Bake at 350F. for 20 min. until hot and bubbling. Stir. Serve with vegetables and crackers.

    – Substitute ranch dressing for blue cheese dressing and shredded cheddar cheese for blue cheese crumbles.
    – Make it tailgate friendly: prepare ahead of time and transport in a disposable heavy foil pan. When you get to the tailgate heat it on a grill and serve nice and hot!
    – Make this in the microwave by heating it on high for 5 minutes instead of baking
    – Keep it warm in a crockpot or slow cooker
    -Making this dip with Swanson Chicken makes it incredibly easy and delicious! You don’t have to cook or shred your own chicken!

  4. -Kaitlin, Wow, that sounds amazing and perfect for a Superbowl party! Thanks for the recipe!

  5. Jamie Smith

    Wow! My friends will surely enjoy this party! Thanks for the information!

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