Stylish Baby Shower Decor

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We always get so excited when someone at our company gets married, has a baby, or celebrates a birthday because it means we get to see our products used firsthand!  One of the lovely ladies in our office recently had a baby, and as you can see in the photo above she put our mini water bottles to good use at her shower!

It was a lot of fun to watch the women at the baby shower milling around, chatting and playing games with these bottles sitting convenient right next to them.  The small size was great, because it gave the women at the shower the ability to juggle plates of food, purses, and their drinks without spilling anything.

There was also a beautiful little girl at the shower, and she felt very special indeed to have her very own bottle that was just the right size for her wee little hands.  The 8 oz bottle size is just the right size for grown-ups and little kids alike!

Custom label bottled water is stylish, a natural addition to baby showers.  You can match the colors of your label to the décor of your shower, so that while your guests walk around it’s like the decorations get to mingle right along with them!





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