Stock-the-Bar Couples Wedding Shower Inspiration

Mention a co-ed wedding shower in mixed company and most men will roll their eyes. However, a shower with the theme “Stock the Bar” will have guys saying, “I’m in!” If you’re looking for a different take on a wedding shower, a stock-the-bar party theme is the perfect way to say cheers to the happy couple.

Host a Stock-the-Bar couples shower.

What’s It All About?

A stock-the-bar party asks the guests to bring one bottle for the party and one to stock the bar of the bride and groom OR bring a gift of cool barware from the couple’s wedding registry. The host supplies glassware, food, and bar accessories to serve drinks. Since these gifts are for a shower, I suggest guests bring full bottles of top shelf liquor or wine for the couple to keep.

Stock-the Bar Party Ideas!

Chalkboard Signature Drink Sign

If the bride or groom have signature drinks, create a chalkboard sign with the drink names along with a list of ingredients. Place in a prominent place like the drink station.

Custom chalkboard sign idea for couples wedding shower with a Stock the Bar theme.

Propose a toast

Make a toast to the couple with their favorite drink. Here are some toast ideas in case your toasting skills need some polishing.

Make custom wedding liquor labels

I made custom full size liquor labels with the names of the bride and groom to fit bottles of rum and cinnamon whisky.

Custom liquor labels with the name of the bride and groom. Make and order these online

Present Cocktail Recipe Cards to the Couple

Include this free printable recipe card below with the shower invitations. Have guests bring the recipe of their favorite drink to the shower. This recipe fits on A6 card stock. Click the image or the link below to download.


Bring in a mixologist

Hire a mixologist to share the secrets of mixing the latest popular drinks. Have the engaged couple try their hand at mixing a drink for each other.

Order Party Themed Custom Drink Coasters

When it comes to making a party stand out, small things like these custom disposable drink coasters make all the difference. You’ll want to match the theme of the party on all of your printables.

Custom disposable drink coasters; made especially for the wedding shower.

Stock the Bar Party Decorations

You’ll have fun decorating for this shower. A cheers banner and party accessories fit the theme perfectly. Hang the banner over the drink station and provide custom stock-the-bar cocktail napkins with the couple’s names and wedding date. Add “cheers” swizzle sticks to top off the drinks you’re serving.

It’s all about the party details! Playful colorful shot glasses, paper drink umbrellas, and cheers stir sticks create a festive atmosphere.

Stock the bar couples shower party details. Colorful shot glasses and cheers drink stirrers.

Feed Your Guests

Make sure to include plenty of appetizers so the guests have something to eat in between sampling the mixology-of-goodness that’s sure to be part of the evening. Easy appetizers from All Recipes like Spinach Brownies or Bacon Wrapped Dates include protein to feed famished guests.

Send Home Unique Favors

No party is complete without favors, even when you’re an oversized kid! Mini bottles with custom labels are a simple way to say ‘thanks’ to guests plus give them something to remember the evening by. Have an assortment of mini liquor bottles and mini wine bottles on hand for the guests to choose from. Make your own mini liquor bottle labels to add to 50ML bottles. Check out these mini bottles alongside shot glasses found at a local party store.

If you have any questions about this Stock-the-Bar shower post, please ask them in the comments section. Don’t forget to download the free printable cocktail party recipe card. We’re also available via Live Chat on our site bottleyourbrand dot com, weekdays Pacific time, 9 am to 3 pm. Cheers!



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