New Personalized Sports Gifts!

[singlepic id=18 w=240 h=160 float=center]Anyone who’s ever helped support a sports team knows that sometimes, playing sports is about more than just making the shot/hitting a home run/scoring a touchdown.  A successful sports team requires a huge network of support.  Coaches, parents, fans, and friends all combine to help individual players achieve team victory.

In addition to showing up at games to cheer on your team, many sports teams require active fundraising efforts to stay afloat.  We’ve written before about how personalized bottled water is a smart way to raise money for a variety of causes, and now we’ve created labels specifically to help sports teams.

Our new line of sport water bottle labels are perfect for supporting your favorite sports team.  The new designs include a super bowl water bottle label, super bowl water bottle label, soccer water bottle label, and super bowl water bottle label.  We love creating new labels, however, so if your favorite sport is missing please leave us a comment and we’ll make sure we include a label featuring your sport!

These labels are completely self-adhesive, waterproof, and color-fast, so they’re ideal for keeping in coolers of ice.  You can completely customize the wording, which gives you the opportunity to highlight your team’s name and any statistics you’d like.

We also offer these labels with our bottled water as well.  Our bottled water is purified spring water and comes in 100% recyclable bottles.  If you’re planning a sports-themed party, celebrating a tournament victory, or keeping your favorite atheletes hydrated, this is a terrific option to look into.  We’re happy to provide shipping quotes and bottled water samples if this is something you’re interested in.

No matter what event you’re coordinating, personalized bottled water is a fantastic way to add a custom touch to the event and keep everyone feeling refreshed.  With our labels-only and customized bottled water options, providing your athletes with a personalized keepsake of their team is easier and more cost-effective than it’s ever been!





2 responses to “New Personalized Sports Gifts!”

  1. Kevin

    Why isn’t there a baseball label? You definitely have to have a baseball label!

  2. -Kevin, That’s a great suggestion, we’ll start working on one of those next!

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