Spiral Cellars – A Home for Your Wine

If you love wine, collect wine, brew your own wine, or just love to see cool and stylish ways to store wine, you are going to love this post! We now introduce you to Spiral Cellars, and UK company that specializes in building you a wine cellar for your house.

wine cellar and wine storage from Spiral CellarsSpiral Cellars can put a wine cellar anywhere in your house – the kitchen, the library, the garage, the dining room, the options are endless. Their watertight cellars are sunk into the ground beneath the house, and use a innovative air flow system to maintain a constant temperature for the wines to live in.

spiral cellar wine cellar wine storageDepending on how much wine you drink, you can order different sized cellars – from the Mini Cellar that will hold up to about 700 bottles, to the White Spiral Cellar that will hold up to almost 1,900 bottles. Cellars come with an array of trap door options that are installed in the floor of the chosen room and lead down a spiral staircase into your own little wine storage haven. Trap doors can be glass or wood, recessed, motorized or retractable – plenty of options to suit a customers particular needs.  In about one week, the team will have your cellar up and running!

wine cellar and storage from spiral cellarsWhile the company is based in the UK, they are able to come to the States to install a wine cellar – just in case any of you readers are now dreaming of where your going to put your Spiral Cellar.

spiral wine cellar and wine storage from Spiral CellarsHow excited are you for a new way to store all of the gorgeous wine bottles you design on Bottle Your Brand? Design twice as many as before – since you are going to have a place to put them pretty soon. Wink, wink.


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