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30th Birthday Wine Labels – Six Ideas

30th Birthday for Millenials

Don’t you love getting an invite to a good birthday party? Great drinks, good food, fun friends combined with lots of laughs make for a memorable event. Which brings me to 30th birthday parties for Millenials. Believe it or not they are turning 30 and will be through the year 2034. The Millenials’ starting birth year is considered 1982 and 2004 is this generation’s last birth year. That means we have a whole lot of 30th birthdays to celebrate between now and 2034.

If you’re planning a 30th birthday party it naturally brings with it the search for unique 30th birthday favors. May I suggest you start with birthday wine labels? Here are some ideas to make the best 30th birthday wine labels you’ll ever see. Your guests will love them and the birthday gal or guy will think you’re amazing.

First things first. Let’s start with the wine bottle size. If you’re serving the standard 750 ml bottles then a 3.5 wide by 4 high wine label should work perfectly. Following are some examples of 30th birthday wine label templates you can easily personalize on our site.

Wine Label #1:

Customize a birthday wine label to include a toast. This wine label simply says, “Cheers to 30 Years!” Try adding a drinking toast for  a birthday to a wine label. It makes for an interesting read. If you ask someone to propose a toast during your party make sure it’s not “that guy” who’s had too much to drink or likes to talk.

30th Birthday Personalized Wine Label

 Wine Label #2:

Use a funny photo with a quote.  With all the candid cell phone photos floating around, you should have no problem finding one that captures a perfect moment. Our online design studio lets you upload photos from Facebook, Picasa, Flickr and Instagram. The wine label below says, “Old enough to know better. Young enough to do it anyway!” I don’t know about your friends, but mine would love this.

Celebrate with custom 30th Birthday wine labels

Wine Label #3:

Coordinate your wine label color with your party colors. It’s easy with our wide selection of label templates. Choose colors for your paper lanterns, paper fans, balloons, table runners and streamers then match your wine label with the colors. I’ve found Paper Source is a great place to find fashionable party decorations.

30th Birthday Wine label Poppin' Let's Celebrate

Wine Label #4:

Set up a wine bar. Decorate the bottles with 30th birthday wine labels by covering the back label on each bottle. This way the guests will know which wine to pour but the birthday label is still a part of the decor. Make sure you’re serving food though, because a party with drinks-only can quickly disintegrate into an ugly scene unless you have very well behaved guests.

30th Birthday Party Wine Bar

Wine Label #5: 

“Wow 30!” This might be the new version of “over the hill” for Millenials. As wine gains in popularity with all generations it’s almost obligatory to serve wine for any gathering. Our WOW wine label has a visual pop to it and looks pretty fabulous on the bottle don’t you think?

Wow 30th Birthday wine label

Wine Label  #6:

The previous five birthday wine labels were what we call our standard size. Our mini wine labels come in two sizes; 3 x 2 and 3 x 3.  Wine label #6 is a mini wine label.

“Dirty 30” is a popular theme for 30th birthday parties. It’s really important to have favors for guests that are in the spirit of the theme like these 187 ml Woodbridge Cabernet Sauvignon bottles. (They can be used for so much more besides tucking away in your purse for a discreet nip.) They also make perfect party favors when you add this 3 x 3 inch square mini wine label.

"Dirty 30" mini wine labels

For other wine label ideas be sure to visit our wine label page. Remember, a label doesn’t have to be in our birthday category to be used for a party.  Almost any design becomes a birthday label when you add the personalization. While templates are easy to use, many of our customers like to create their own designs. You can make your own 30th birthday wine label by starting at the Make Your Own link on the top of our website. Happy celebrating!



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    1. You can put your text on a wine label just the way you entered it in the comment section. We have many premade winelabel templates to choose from.

  2. I love wine label #6 … very clever personalization son the labels!

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