Wedding water bottle labels with a custom logo created by a designer

Simple Tips to Make a Wedding Favor Everyone Will Love

:: Tips to Make a DIY Wedding Favor Your Guests Will Love ::

What bride doesn’t want her wedding to be perfect? From the flowers to the drape of her veil every detail should carry the wow factor. While candies and personalized trinkets have been staples of weddings past, today’s bride is looking for a wedding favor that everyone will appreciate. That’s where creating a wedding label that you put on bottles from a local store comes into play. If you’re truly planning a DIY wedding this task is not as daunting as you might think. We’ll answer some common questions about making bottled water wedding favors such as how much do they cost and what should go on the label, and give a few practical, money-saving tips as well.

DIY wedding favor; water bottle label with a custom design submitted by the bride and groom.

Whether the wedding is for 10 or 100 guests personalized bottled water is increasingly becoming a wedding favor of choice. There’s no worry about allergies as with edible favors, or whether or not it’s something the guests will like or find useful. We all need water and it’s a touch the bride can be sure is appreciated by one and all, young and old alike.

There are common questions that crop up when creating a wedding label for bottled water so let’s consider them one by one. Although we do sell custom bottled water it’s not as cost effective as purchasing the labels and doing the labeling yourself.

How many labels should I buy?

If you’d like to have bottles for the reception and take home favors too, you’ll want to figure on two bottles per guest. If you’re only serving at the reception figure 1.5 bottles per guest. Some guests will drink more, others less, depending on the time of year and if there’s dancing or alcohol at the reception. Summer weddings will obviously have a thirstier crowd. According to The Knot the average size guest list for a wedding is 139.

TIP: On average we recommend allowing for 1.5 bottles of water per guest.

Wedding water bottle labels with a custom logo created by a designer

How much will it cost?

This is the first question the mother of the bride asks. Water bottle labels start at under $1 and as you buy more the price goes down.

TIP: Pricing is tiered so the more labels you buy the lower the cost per label.

Figuring one bottle per guest the cost for labels at the quantity of 140 guests is $0.79 each or $110.60. Figuring two bottles per guest and the cost goes down to $0.69 per label or $193.20.

TIP: Buying water in bulk by the case can save you money.

Factor in buying cases of water (24 bottles per case) from your local big box store and the price can run anywhere from $5.99 to $8.99 per case. On the low end, figuring one bottle per guest the cost is $35.99 for the water. Figuring two bottles per guest the cost is $72 for the bottles.

Even figuring on the higher end that’s less than $2 per favor for a fully customized wedding favor that looks amazing and everyone will use. The Knot lists the average cost for favors as $2.06 per guest. Keep in mind these prices are for a wedding of 140 guests. More than likely you’ll have 100 people or less on your guest list so the cost will be less.

What Bottles Will the Labels Fit?

Bottles are different shapes and sizes around the country. The Costco down the street doesn’t necessarily sell the same bottle shape as the one in the next state. So pick a bottle first and tear off the label. Lay it flat and measure it with a ruler. Choose the size closest to our  two label sizes which are: 8.25″ x 1.75″ and 8″ x 2.125″.

 TIP: Pick Your Bottles First for a Size Check.

Buy your bottles first so you know what size label you need to order.

What Should We Include on the Labels?

This is a commonly asked question. Usually the name of the bride and groom are included on the label along with the wedding date and sometimes the wedding venue. We’re often asked what the proper order is for the name of the bride and groom on the label. All sources agree that the bride’s name is first.

TIP: The Bride’s Name Usually Comes Before the Groom’s on the Label.

Add the bride's name first on your wedding water bottle label.

As for personalizing with photos, many wedding labels include a photo of the couple. Usually it’s a professionally shot engagement photo, but not always. The main thing is the photo should be nice and clear when you see it uploaded on the design screen.

TIP: Photo’s don’t have to be professional, just clear.

TIP: Add a photo to your wedding label

Wedding monograms are another popular option to include on a wedding water bottle label. If a designer has created one for you, simply upload it into the design studio. If not, you can easily create a wedding monogram using some of the fonts available in our design tool.


Regarding other text on the label some couples like to include a thank you or a short verse. Anything from song excerpts, scripture, poetry, you name, it are acceptable.

TIP: Add a thank you message on your favor label.

How Do I Personalize the Label?

Many brides prefer to use a pre-made wedding template and change the existing text and colors. This is definitely the easiest route to go. If you want to go a step beyond changing the text click the Customize It button. That button takes you into the label design studio where there are tools to add a photo, clip art or shapes. You can also change the font style and color on this screen so if you’re going for a certain look you can obtain it by choosing a font that’s formal, playful, ornate or causal.

TIP: Modify a pre-designed label template to make your own custom design.

Modify a template for your custom wedding water bottle label.

This is the same pre-designed wedding water bottle label ordered by two different brides. Notice how they chose difference colors and font styles.

What About Color Matching?

Color matching is something almost every bride is concerned about when making wedding favors. Our expert graphics team can assist you with this if you have concerns. Usually the label color can get close to the color the bride is seeking, but it’s not an exact science since a computer screen makes color look different than actual print, depending on how your monitor is calibrated. We’ll do our best to help you get the correct color based on the information you provide to us.

Is It Difficult or Time Consuming to Put Labels on the Bottles?

No to both. It’s actually easy since the labels you receive from Bottle Your Brand are thicker than paper labels and are made from a synthetic material. There’s a video showing how to apply labels here and we include an insert in every package with step by step application instructions.

Do We Take the Existing Labels Off the Bottles?

We recommend you tear the labels off. It makes the new label lay down nicely and gives a more finished look. It’s been our experience that most bottled water companies use glue only on the ends of the label, which makes it very easy to pull them off. Since the labels you purchase from Bottle Your Brand have fully adhesive backs they stick on the bottles very well.

TIP: Take the existing labels off the store bought bottles before applying your custom labels for a more professional look.

We specialize in water bottle labels and over the years have been a part of thousands of weddings.

If you have any other questions about creating the perfect wedding water bottle label please contact us on Live Chat or via email at [email protected].  As always we’re happy to help.






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  1. Maura Statman

    This is really a cute idea, and what’s great about it is that you know that people are going to use it! Water bottles are great, especially if people are traveling to the wedding.

    1. Hi Maura,
      Thanks for the compliment. We think bottled water is a healthy wedding favor and stylish too.

  2. Alyssa

    These types of water bottles are terrible for the enviroment. What about a DIY reusable water bottle idea?

    1. Hi Alyssa,

      The bottles we use are made of recycled plastic. If everyone would do their part in recycling we could close the loop on waste and protect our environment.

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