Custom beer labels for Valentine's Day

Show Your Love with Custom Beer Labels!

Check out this adorable idea we saw over at Sunlight Nights recently. Their resident blogger, Staci, created these labels and affixed them to beer bottles for her boyfriend’s Valentine’s Day present last year, and they are so cute! The design is absolutely charming, and the idea of making different “love potion” labels is so creative.

Custom beer labels for Valentine's Day

These labels would be a great option for a gift, wedding shower or even a wedding itself!


Custom beer labels

Staci did these labels all by herself – talented lady! But, if you are less DIY experienced, like we are, you can always ask us here at Bottle Your Brand to create something similar for you!


Custom beer labels for Valentine's Day


custom beer labels


custom beer labels

Such a great idea – thanks for sharing Staci!





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  1. Alexandra

    I just came across these and they’re amazing! I’d like to do something similar for my husband who’s coming home from deployment.. did you ever get PDF’s up or how can i go about getting these!? Thank you!

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