Can You Serve Wine at a Baby Shower?

[singlepic id=281 w=240 h=240 float=center]An etiquette question to be sure!  You’re planning an event where the person of honor likely can’t have any alcohol, so is it ok to serve wine at a baby shower?

The answer?  Of course!  Just because the mama-to-be probably won’t be knocking any glasses of vino back doesn’t mean your guests can’t enjoy some libations!

Dress up the bottles with some adorable baby shower-themed wine labels and they’ll fit right in.  We have some really cute designs in our Baby Shower category, you’re sure to find a design you love (including “Baby Animals“, shown above).  If you’re feeling artistic, though, it’s easy to create completely custom designs too.

We recommend serving a bottle of red and a bottle of white, so your guests can choose their favorite.  Our wine labels are completely waterproof, so no worries about keeping the white wine on ice.

We’ve found that serving wine at parties can help people mingle more comfortably.  There will likely be a lot of people at the shower who haven’t met before, so everything you can do to encourage guests to chat and introduce themselves is great!

If you’re really hesitant about serving wine, just ask the mama-to-be how she feels.  If she isn’t bothered, no one else will be either!





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    I think it can be.

    Mickey Buarao

  2. -Mickey, Thanks for commenting. We agree!

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