Self-Care Favor DIY Sugar Scrub

As a country we’re beginning to emerge from the coronavirus quarantine and as we do so we’re looking forward to resuming our lives by reuniting with friends and family. As you finally get to plan for postponed events like baby showers, wedding showers, and birthday celebrations, put self-care favors on your radar to aid in de-stressing from this unprecedented time. Self-care is more than just a woo-woo concept. Taking even a little time out to relax and care for yourself, yields powerful results.

The best party favors are those made by hand and from the heart. That’s why I’m sharing this recipe for essential oil all-natural sugar scrub. This scrumptious scrub is so easy to make you’ll get asked for the recipe over and over.

Sugar scrub favor stickers. Personalize yours online.

What is a Sugar Scrub?

First, why a sugar scrub? Scrubs exfoliate and hydrate the skin. It’s a treatment that’s a gentler alternative to salt scrubs. A sugar scrub removes much of the outer layer of dead, flaky skin cells without causing trauma or pain to the skin. It’s a refreshing, self-care favor everyone will appreciate.

Baby shower favors - DIY sugar scrub. Create a personalized sticker online to make favors.

Personalize Your Sugar Scrub Favors with Custom Stickers

Once you’ve created the sugar scrub personalize it with a sticker for the lid or for the body of the jar. There are lots of pre-made templates to personalize and you can even upload your own sugar scrub label art. When you’re done labeling your jars, they’ll have the look of a professional spa!

Beauty and the Bump personalized sticker for baby shower favors. Make yours online.

What You Need to Make Sugar Scrub Party Favors

Let’s get started on this DIY body scrub that is all natural and chemical free. You’ll want to choose one or two of your favorite essential oils to scent the scrub. For this recipe we use lemon and eucalyptus because of their refreshing and calming scents.

Essential oils are added to sugar scrubs for soothing fragrances.


Organic sugar is used to make this DIY sugar scrub.
Coconut oil is added to sugar scrub to make skin moist and young looking.

Step by Step Instructions for Sugar Scrub

  1. Add the sugar to a mixing bowl.
  2. Using a double boiler or a microwave melt the coconut oil until it’s liquid. I used the melt function for butter on my microwave, and it took two tries, but the coconut oil melted quite nicely. Once the coconut oil is liquid pour into the sugar and mix with a spoon.
  3. Add 4-6 drops of each of the essential oils.  If you’re only using one essential oil add up to 12 drops. Some essential oils don’t have dropper tops so look out! You might want to pour the oil into a spoon first in case you pour too much.
  4. This recipe makes a little bit over 8 ounces or one cup so multiply the recipe accordingly for your favors.
Melt the coconut oil for DIY sugar scrub using the melt feature of your microwave.

Seal the finished scrub in a jar with a lid. It will dry out if not sealed. Make sure this scrub is applied over a bath towel or in the tub/shower as it can be messy. I did a test patch on one arm and couldn’t believe the difference in my skin! It felt so smooth and hydrated. Your party goers are going to love this DIY favor!

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Recipe for DIY Sugar Scrub, all organic and natural ingredients.
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Application of DIY sugar scrub makes for silky, smooth skin.

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