Retirement Party Ideas!

[singlepic id=259 w=240 h=240 float=center]Retirement parties are some of the most fun to plan.  You’re celebrating a lifetime of hard work, and some well-earned time off!

If you’re celebrating the retiree in your life, why not put the emphasis on the relaxation that’s in store for them?  You can find some inexpensive tiki torches at a party store, encourage everyone to show up wearing Hawaiian shirts, and use the “Wedding Weekend Sticker” to seal bags of retirement-themed favors.

Fun retirement party favors can include small bottles of sunscreen, golf tees, and candies.  Toss them all in clear cellophane bags, and seal them closed with these retirement party custom labels!  The beach and gently swaying palm trees set just the right tone for a retirement party!

Additionally, if you have a little retirement retreat tucked away in your favorite vacation spot, you can use these custom labels to add a personalized touch to the gift basket you leave for guests, welcoming them to your vacation home.  Use these labels on little bars of soap, or packets of local treats, and your guests will be absolutely blown away!





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