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Five Family Reunion Favor Ideas

The logistics of organizing and assembling a reunion for your family may require considerable energy, time, and some expense, but it’s usually very rewarding. Once the location, date, and time have been decided the next step is the fun stuff; choosing details like the reunion swag. Handing out items with the family name on them not only provides memorabilia of your family time together, it also promotes solidarity. The latest version of our online design studio makes it easy for even technologically challenged folks to create impressive, personalized favors.

Five Family Reunion Favor Ideas

Here are 5 simple family reunion swag ideas that will appeal to a wide range of tastes. Make and order these items online and include them in a goody bag for each family:

1. Reunion water bottle labels

Create your own water bottle label and apply these to bottled water you purchase locally. Keep the bottles in coolers for everyone to drink during the event. If your family has booked rooms at a hotel, then ask the manager to place them in the rooms or include them in the swag bag.

A family reunion water bottle label with family photo

2. Reunion Wine Labels

Make a wine label and label favorite wines, either for the family toast or for taking home as a gift in a swag bag.

Family reunion idea - custom wine labels with family crest

3. Reunion Soda Labels

Who wouldn’t want a cold soda bottle with the family name on it? Make a family reunion soda label and apply to a variety of different favorite sodas. Keep the bottles on ice for the family picnic. The labels are waterproof so there’s no fear of the ink running or the labels falling off when they get wet and cold.

Family reunion idea - custom drink labels

4. Reunion Drink Coasters

Personalized drink coasters are a great way to remember the event long after it’s over. Create your own family reunion drink coaster design and use the coasters at the event  whenever drinks are being served. Give them to family members as part of the event memorabilia. Details like this are impressive!

Family reunion idea

5. Reunion Stickers

Ovals, circles, rectangles, squares, whatever you need to put a sticker on there’s a shape for it. A family reunion bumper sticker is a great way for the family to remember the event.

Family Reunion bumper stickers make great party swag

What to Put on Your Reunion Favors

What should go on your family reunion favors? Here are some suggestions:


Scottish families have a tartan pattern, African families have a tribal print, and many families of European descent have a coat of arms or family crest. These can be discovered through a web search. Use “image search” to find what you need. Make sure the image file is the largest you can find so it will print clearly. Small blurry images will not print clearly so if you have a question about the clarity of a file, email us with the image attached. We’ll let you know if it will work. Copy and paste the image and save to your device. The online designer allows you to add images to the product

Example coat of arms for family reunion drink labels

To find a coat of arms try this page  and order your own high resolution JPG file for your family. Or type your last name in a search engine plus the words “coat of arms.” On the results page switch to the images tab to see the images of your family’s coat of arms. Choose a large file to copy and paste.

For family tartans or tribal prints follow the same steps. It might take a little more digging to find information on names that are not common, but it’s worth it. You may discover some family history and that’s can be very rewarding.


Use a group photo from the last reunion or maybe the wedding photo of the matriarch and patriarch of your clan. Alternatively, make a collage from different family photos. There are free apps for most smart phones that create collages from photos on your camera roll. There’s really no end to what you can create with the right photos.

Family reunion favors from smart phone photos

When you’re making your reunion favor on BYB and want to add a photo, Click on Add Image when you’re in the online design studio and you will have access to the following applications to upload your photo; My Computer (or whatever device you’re using), Web Images, Facebook, and Instagram. We do recommend using a computer or tablet for ease of designing, but you can create a design with a smart phone.

Upload family reunion photos to make favors


Some families have mottoes from ancient times that may even have Latin origins. Mottoes like “Brave and Faithful” Latin version; “Fortis atque fidelis”or “For Country and Religion” latin version; “Pro patria et religione,” are examples. If your family doesn’t have a motto it can adopt a saying for the reunion to use as a unifying theme. Here are some examples of family reunion sayings to give you inspiration.

Water bottle labels for a family reunion


  1. Family – a link to the past & a bridge to our future.
  2. Like branches of a tree, our lives may grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.
  3. We are who we are because they were who they were.
  4. Family, where life begins and love never ends.
  5. Families go back to when the earth began and they will go forward into eternity.
  6. Family is like music, some high notes, some low notes, but always a beautiful song.
  7. The love in our family is strong and deep, leaving us memories to treasure and keep.From our roots to our leaves we are blessed.
  8. Surrounded by family, surrounded by love.
  9. Family ties are precious threads, no matter where we roam. They draw us close to those we love, and pull our hearts toward home.
  10. From our roots to our leaves, we are blessed.


  1. I shook my family tree and a bunch of nuts fell out.
  2. Crazy is a relative term in our family.
  3. Our family put the “fun” in dysfunctional.
  4. Whenever our family is together, we’re cooler than everyone else.
  5. As far as everyone knows, we’re a nice normal family.
  6. Families are like fudge…mostly sweet with lots of nuts.
  7. WTF…with the family.
  8. Keep Calm, it’s a family reunion.
  9. From the root to the fruit, our family’s a hoot.
  10. Buy me a beer, the family is here.

When the event is over and all the family members have safely returned home, it’s the little things that make the event memorable and you’ll want to create favors that stand out. Once you decide what you’d like to give away at your family reunion you’ll find it’s pretty simple to create it on BottleYourBrand. To make matching items and order them, say like water bottle labels and drink coasters that match, it’s best to set up an account to save your creations. This allows you to easily order everything at one time from within your account under My Saved Designs. If you need assistance, we’re available weekdays on Live Chat and everyday via email; info at






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