What is Spring Water?

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We often get asked what’s so special about our water. After all, anyone who’s ever gone to a grocery store is well aware of the many varieties of bottled water that are available. There’s spring water, purified water, mineral water, well water, and even tap water. All of these varieties offer something different, but the one we prefer most is the one we carry: spring water.

Spring water is a specific type of water. Specifically, it’s defined as

Bottled water derived from an underground formation from which water flows naturally to the surface of the earth.

In order for water to qualify as spring water, it can only be collected at the spring, either where it bubbles out from the ground or through a borehole that taps the underground source of the spring.

Our water is from a private spring in the foothills of Oregon’s Coast Range. Both the spring and our bottling facility are routinely inspected by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. The bottling facility tests for anything that might contaminate the water (chemicals, fertilizer, pesticides, bromides, heavy metals, etc.) and the results are consistently negative. They also ozonate all water in order to ensure that water is clean before it’s bottled (Ozone is a natural water sanitizer.)

In addition to the tests conducted by the ODA, our bottler also tests its water daily to ensure that their water meets or excels all EPA requirements. The water is bottled at the source and then shipped to our facility in Washington state.

Our water is delicious and clean tasting and contains natural minerals, which is why we think it’s so special. We are happy to ship samples, so if you’re curious about the quality of our water all you have to do is ask!





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