Propose with Valentine Wine + Ten Verses to Ask Her (P.S. She’ll Love It!)

For true romantics, Valentine’s Day is a popular time to pop the question. If you’re planning to get engaged on this special day, we have a spectacular idea to help you make your marriage proposal memorable; create a custom “Will You Marry Me” wine label and say it with wine. You’re in luck too, because you can buy BYB custom wine labels in quantities as low as one. Perfect for asking that special someone to be your partner in life. They’ll be so surprised you made something this personal and unique it will melt their heart.

Will You Marry Me? I love you wine label. Surprise her with this custom wine label on a bottle of wine.

Get Started Making Your Proposal Wine Label

Start with a Valentine’s Day or Wedding wine label background and edit the text to say what you want. Instead of using the fixed number of example text lines, look below the text lines to the orange Customize More button. Click on that button to launch the online designer. That’s where you make custom changes like add more text lines, change font style, size, and color, plus add a photo if there’s room. You can also start from scratch and make your own proposal design.

Want to add a selfie of you and your intended? Make a photo wine label for your proposal. It’s easy to add your own words after you upload your photo. Use the Add Image tool in the online designer. That’s a wow factor you don’t get with an ordinary wine label. Or use a template like the label below we call “Garden Frame.”

Marriage proposal wine label with a photo.

Besides “Will You Marry Me” what else should you add to your label? Maybe you have trouble finding the right words. Remember the 80’s hit comedy “Roxanne”, where Steve Martin’s not-so-handsome character is used by tongue-tied hunk Chris, to write charming poems to his true love?  We’ll be your Steven Martin. Here are some romantic verses to get you started. You can also find more verses on this page.

Proposal Verse Ideas

Proposal Verse #1

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I hope, I wish
You’ll say “I do”

Proposal Verse #2

I don’t like to shop,
I don’t play games,
But it would be so cool,
If we had the same name

Proposal Verse #3

The day I get on bended knee
For any another girl,
Is the day I tie a shoe lace
For our daughter…Marry Me?

Proposal Verse #4

You Are…
My Answered Prayer,
My Fulfilled Wish,
My Realized Dream.

Proposal Verse #5

We Are
So Good

Proposal Verse #6

For Me
There Is
Only You

Proposal Verse #7

I’ll Never Stop
Falling in Love
With You

Proposal Verse #8

I Want to Grow Old With You and Say
That We Have Lived
An Amazing Life Together

Proposal Verse #9

You’re Not My
Number 1,
You’re My

Proposal Verse #10

I Look at You And See
The Rest of My Life
In Your Eyes

Ask her to marry you with a custom labeled bottle of wine. Make your label online.

When she says “Yes!” The next wine label you’ll make is one like this; ENGAGED!

Engagement wine label with photo. Make yours personal using the online designer.

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We wish you the best of luck with your marriage proposal! If you need help making your wine label ask us for assistance on Live Chat Monday through Friday, 9 am to 3 pm Pacific time. We can assist with photo resizing, font questions, uploading files, and other technical issues should they arise. Or email is info at bottleyourbrand dot com. We’re wine label specialists.






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