Make Your Label and Check It Twice!

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You’ve found the perfect label.  Your heart speeds up a bit, your fingers fly over the keyboard, and before you know it you’ve designed a custom label that is everything you want it to be and more.  Woo hoo!  Just hit Checkout and go, right?

Hold on there a minute.  Did you remember to proofread your label?

Much like Santa Claus with his list, it’s important to check your label over at least twice to make sure that names are spelled correctly, the dates are right, etc.  Why?  Because we won’t!

As much as we’d love to be psychic, we have no way of knowing whether the names, places, dates, or other information we see on your label are correct.  If you type it in wrong, we will print it wrong!  We’d hate for that to happen, so make sure you double-check your work before checking out.

If you ever have questions about etiquette (whose initial comes first in a monogram anyway?!) or aesthetics (what looks better, writing out the date or using numbers?) contact us.  We’re happy to work with you to make sure your label looks perfect!  Just remember, we won’t proofread it for you once you’ve submitted your order.  Make sure it’s right before you check out!





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