Promotional Bottled Water

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We’ve been praising the merits of personalized promotional bottles of water for years now, but it always helps when outside authorities on the subject agree!  Media Life Magazine recently published an article called “Your Client’s Logo on a Water Bottle” endorsing the practice of using custom label bottled water to spread the word about your company and make coupon offers more effective.

Some of the highlights of the article include:

“…after completing an inspection, an auto shop could place a complimentary bottle of water in the cup holder of the customer’s car, with a label coupon for a discounted oil change on the next visit.”

“Top venues for water-bottle giveaways include hospitals, meetings and conventions, trade shows, spas and resorts, golf courses and colleges.”

“In addition to coupons, labels can also include a call-to-action prompting the consumer to text a code to a particular number in exchange for a special offer.”

We’ve been helping companies create high-quality promotional bottled water for over seven years.  Our new Design Online tool makes it easy to upload logos and graphics to water bottle labels, and our purified spring water is delicious and safe.

If you’re interested in reading more about how customized bottled water can help you promote your business or spread the word about special offers, peruse our archives or click over to read more of the article.  We’ll also be happy to talk to you in person about the project you have in mind, so feel free to contact us for more information!


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