Princess Birthday Labels

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Do you have a little girl who just loves all things princess?  Pink and purple, sparkles and glitter, everything is full of whimsy and beauty!  If you’re planning a birthday party for your little princess, check out these gorgeous princess-inspired water bottle labels.

The one you see above is called “Princess Birthday” and features dreamy clouds and playful pink butterflies.  We also offer this design as well, called “Fairy Castle”, which features a hand-sketched castle a princess could easily call home:

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If neither of these designs are quite your cup of tea, you can always upload your own custom image to our system for a completely custom birthday party favor.  A really fun way to do this is to scan your birthday party invitations, and then use an image from your birthday party invites on your water bottle labels.  Perfectly coordinated and easy to do!

Here are some fun activity ideas for princess themed birthday parties to help you get inspired:

  • Dress up corner.  Have everyone bring her favorite princess dress-up dress and provide plenty of tiaras, gloves, jewelry, and dress-up shoes.  Now watch the fashion show!
  • Crown construction.  Provide pre-cut princess crowns in lots of colors, and then set out plastic jewels, markers, stickers, feathers, and glue.  Keeps the girls contained and entertained!
  • Cupcake decorating.  Pre-bake enough cupcakes for everyone at the party, and then set out frosting and sprinkles in various colors and styles.  Make sure you provide lots of towels to help wipe frosting off hands and clothes (and faces!)

Princess theme birthday parties are so much fun to plan and attend, just make sure you provide plenty of healthy refreshments so your little princesses have all the energy they need to enjoy themselves!





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