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Use These Popular Mason Jar Wedding Sayings

The Mason Jar Craze Isn’t Over

Believe it or not 2017 brides, there’s still time to add fun details to your spring and summer weddings. We have some Mason Jar ideas for you. The Mason jar trend isn’t showing any signs of slowing down; maybe because there’s just something inherently basic and American about using these time-honored canning jars for drinks and treats. They feel right and solid in your hand. If you’re planning on using Mason jars like Ball® and Kerr® for beverages at your wedding we’ve some useful information about buying Mason jars and ideas about labels for Mason drink jars to share with you. Waterproof labels double as name stickers on the mugs and when the party is over the labels peel off leaving a jar that your guest can use for a vase, pen holder, change collector, candy jar, candle holder, and more.

Creative Mason Jar Label Sayings

Saying #1: Your glass for the night for whatever tastes right.  Write in your name to keep it in sight.

Mason jar sayings for drink mugs

Saying #2: This mug is a gift to you, Keep it full and have fun too!

Mason Jar Sticker - Custom Waterproof Labels for Canning and Events

Saying #3: Grab a jar & head to the bar. Hold on tight, it’s your jar for the night.

Mason Jar SayingSaying #4: Find Your Name to Find Your Seat. Lucky You! This Glass is Yours to Keep.

Mason Jar Mug with Sticker

Saying #5: Save this Jar for (insert name). When the night is through take it home with you.

Mason Jar Drink Mugs with Handles

Things to Know when Buying Mason Jars for Party Drinks

Buying regular canning jars will cost you much less than buying handled Mason jar mugs. The price for regular mouth pint jars at Walmart is $8.92 for 12. That works out to about 75¢ each, whereas 12 Mason jars with handles in the 16 oz size are $14.99 which is about $1.25 per jar. The price per jar does go down on many sites if you buy a large quantity. At Discount Mugs they put your logo on the jar and the cheapest price was $2.08 per handled mug for a quantity of 144. If you’re on a budget every penny counts, especially if you’re hosting a large celebration. So take these costs into consideration.

The same goes for buying tinted Mason jars; the cost is higher than plain, clear Mason jars. I found the cost averages about $2.49 for tinted Mason jars and can run even higher. So for the sake of your budget skip the fancy glass. Spend some of your savings on your custom waterproof jar labels.  Let’s face it, it’s great to have your wedding info embossed or printed on the jar during the wedding, but afterwards most people would prefer a plain jar if they plan on keeping it for everyday use. That’s one of the things that makes our stickers so great for Mason jars.

What Mason Jar Sizes Are Available?

These are the Mason jar sizes available for purchasing according to Fresh, a great resource for Ball® and Kerr® jars.

  • 4 oz. / Quarter-Pint
  • 8 oz. / Half-Pint
  • 12 oz. / Three-quarters Pint Quilted Jelly Jars
  • 16 oz. / Pint
  • 24 oz. / Pint-and-a-half
  • 32 oz. / Quart
  • 64 oz. / Half-Gallon
  • 128 oz. / Gallon

What Size Mason Jars Work Best for Drink Glasses?

For most people toting around anything more than a pint size glass while partying is frankly ridiculous, but a 4 oz. quarter-pint is so tiny it’s even more absurd. That small size might work for shot glasses, but not for drinking glasses. Stick with the 16 oz. pint mason jars if you plan on using them for drinking glasses. The 12 oz. / three-quarters pint jars are really jelly jars. If you like that look, and some people do, then read on.

What Size Label Fits What Size Mason Jar?

  • 12 oz. – Three-quarters Pint Quilted Jelly Jar – Use the 2 circle size. This jar is problematic because of the quilted surface. It’s better to choose jars with smooth surfaces for drink glasses if you plan on using a label.
  • 16 oz. – Pint Smooth-Sided Regular Mouth Glass Mason Jar – use a 3 inch high x 4 inch wide rectangle label, a water bottle label in either size, 8.25 x 1.75 or 8 x 2.125, or even a beer label, 3.5 high by 4 wide. The wine label  which is 4 high by 3 wide may fit your jar as well.
  • 16 oz. – Pint Glass Drinking Mason Jars – Are just canning jars with the addition of a handle to make holding the jar easier. Use the same label size as for the jars without handles.

We always recommend you check the jar face for size before you order your labels. Simply cut a piece of paper out in the sizes we suggest and hold it up against your jar. We’ll even send free overrun samples if you contact us via email. That way you’ll see the quality of our labels as well.

Label Mason Jars with Water Bottle Labels

Mason Jar Drink MugIf you’d like to coordinate your wedding drinks and save money, order water bottle labels to fit both your Mason jars and water bottles. Buying custom labels in bulk gives you quantity discounts.

How Do the Labels Stick to the Mason Jars?

The labels come with a crack and peel backing. Once you peel away the protective paper you’ll find the entire back of the label is sticky. This label will stick even in ice and water.

Should you need help or have questions please email us at info at or use our Live Chat.



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6 responses to “Use These Popular Mason Jar Wedding Sayings”

  1. Theresa Kiernan

    I have quart size mason jars that I am filling with pink rocks and some flowers for centerpieces at my daughter’s bridal shower. I would love to have a sticker around the jar saying the following:

    Kim’s Baby Shower
    June 1, 2019

    Please let me know if this is something you can do? Also, I am last minute, so didn’t know if this could be done and shipped to me before the shower (which is June 1st)?

    Please let me know. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Theresa, we emailed you last week. Do you have any questions about ordering? Thanks, Cindy

  2. Bonnie Daniels

    Hello looking for 3.0z or 4oz. size mason jars with stickers Bonnie’s 57th Birthday 2020 time to remember. Need by Aug 20th 2020

    1. Hi Bonnie, thank you for visiting our blog. We don’t sell the mason jars. We do sell the custom stickers. You can make one on our site and if you order by 8/14 you should have the labels by 8/20. Start here:

  3. Mary

    Is regular or wide mouth best for drinking?

    1. Both style mason jars work, but we prefer narrow for drinking. Thanks for visiting our blog.

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